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#Jealousy for no reason

okay so...I'm on my way out of a toxic and abusive relationship. I have two daughters two and under.
Last week I went out with a friend, a girl, not my first. we had a great time and at the end of the night I asked to kiss her and she said Yes! omg I can't stop thinking about her!


now she's been in anither city for two days and isn't texting me back. she did send a message the first night that she needed away from life.

I feel like I'm dying over her lack of response though I know things for her have also been hard.
I can't stop thinking about who she is with, what's she doing and how she is.

I want her her with me and no one else....help me handle this with poise..
I don't want to scare her, I really like her..

#Jealousy #worry #WantingMore #needher #helpme #whatdoido #itstoonew #imcrazy

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Feeling blah

For such a long time I've been feeling lost in my life. I have a job that I am some what happy with but in my personal life I feel unmotivated and like each day is the same. The same nothingness, waking up late, not doing anything with my day.

Passions that I used to have have become just a memory now. I want more. I want to feel content and happy. I just can't get myself to actually take the steps to achieve it. For example, when I do 'full glam' I feel like a hundred bucks. I feel on top of the world, indestructible. But actually getting myself to make the effort to do it? Near impossible.

If I know something will make me feel so incredible, why can't I take the steps to achieve that?

Does anyone else struggle with anything like this? 😕

#Unmotivated #Depression #EUPD #Recovery #WantingMore #struggling