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How do you keep yourself from cancelling appts?

I haven't shared on here in a while, because I am happy to report I have been doing well in general and maintaining some strong coping mechanisms for my anxiety and depression. However, something I struggle with is dental appts. I need to go - its been a few years. I struggle greatly with this because it gives me the most anxiety. Any suggestions on how to combat this? I have thought about asking for a sedative to get me through the appt - I really just need a cleaning, my teeth are in good shape. However, I am so anxious to even make the appt. Last time I went, the dentist was very aggressive and that did not help my medical anxiety at all, not to mention I have had a lot of other appts over the years for some reproductive health issues. I am appt'd out, and really just want to invest in a scraper to clean my own teeth, but I know that's not an ideal solution. Help, I am so overwhelmed by this. #medicalanxiety #Anxiety #whitecoatsyndrome

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Things are getting worse

Still want to #Selfharm . Still want to die. Now I have to get a mammogram for a lump in my left breast and I have a huge fear of doctors and that kind of stuff. I also have #Fibromyalgia and #Arthritis . I'm just so overwhelmed. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want inpatient and I feel as if I'm calling the crisis line too much. I may do something with a friend today but I don't feel up to it.
#Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #ChronicDepression #PTSD #Autism #whitecoatsyndrome

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#nlpcoaching #PTSD #anxietysupport #mindsetshift #cronicpain #Trauma

If you've had to live through any form of trauma from birth to date then you understand how difficult everyday tasks seem to feel like the most daunting, exhausting experiences. To get up, to get dressed, to shower once a week at times! You take medication after medication. You are expected to travel to a specialist for everything you get diagnosed with. Right? Do you feel sick and literally feel like you can't breathe day after day turned year after year. Are you labeled an addict? Are you considered a difficult case? Do you feel you will never find anyone that can help you? I was stuck in this loop for over 15 years! I worked as a registered nurse for 5 years having no idea how horrible the patient side truly was! I started on a journey 4 years ago to find answers online. Despite my efforts in January 2020.... my whole world flipped for the worst! I literally was at a loss. How can this happen? Seriously it got worse! I couldn't believe it! Relationship of 10 years in shambles, my teenage daughters a mess, 17 surgeries to date. Wanting answers to my pain, anxiety at an all time high. I felt I completely lost my mind. My "husband" just lost his job, he had to sell our house we just completely remodeled the past 6 years. First day on the market "sold" a brief moment of peace.....
March 16th final signing of the house. I went to Florida with my sister, mom,my 2 girls and 3 nephews. COVID 19 was shutting down the world.. my oldest went back to freshman year college. My other daughter a sophomore in high school and myself forced to move in with my mom, a town house with 13 steps up, 13 steps down from living room and kitchen. While my "husband" chose to live at his parents and collect unemployment benefits. Never around. By May I was ready for a padded room in a mental facility. I knew I was going down a hole that I wasn't sure I could climb out of again. I'd been doing this 15 years. I didn't want to leave my daughters to this ugly world alone. I was utterly pissed off at everyone. I was seeing Drs to Amputate my R ankle and wanted pain management again. After medication free 5 years. Tried supplements, diet changes, CBD, Kratom.. I've tried everything. Been put on everything. I've fought dependency for meds and alcohol. Labeled an addict! Drug seeker! Demean by those who were my colleagues... I lashed out angry and cried everyday then July 2020 I received a call from Australia! The first 3 sentences I knew I had to make the biggest choice in my life in 20 years. So I try this NLP what the heck is it and how can it Seriously help my issues? A list of complicated untreated Dx for decades.
After my first session I could freakin walk up and down the stairs, to the bathroom without crying! What the heck 😳! I was like this is the same ankle 98 year old arthritis, fused and little pain. 4 sessions. I'm 90% better, No meds. Mastery level Coach! Pm me for info!! Story in detail to be cont.. SERIOUSLY CONDENSED VERSION! Right!