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#52SmallThings Weekly Challenge: Movement

Hey everyone! Tyler, your PT host checking in for the movement challenge. I'm really encouraged by everyone's initial posts. They provide great examples that movement can come in a variety of forms.This week, I'm going to join my patients in their therapeutic exercises that they perform in the PT clinic.Remember - Every action you take now (small movement habits) serves as a vote for the type of person you will become. For example, even micro-habits, such as standing up and stretching each morning, can go a long way to help you stand more frequently during the day without pain. #52SmallThings #ChronicIllness #Disability #RareDisease #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #LivingWithPOTS #Fibromyalgia #Depression #ChronicPain #CheerMeOn

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#525smallthings #Empathy #MeaningfulConnections #AutonomicDysfunction #HashimotosThyroiditis


Lonely Island

Walk on the bridge
Slowly the path is full
Pain, hurt, regret, tears, sorrow
Forgiveness follows
Don’t turn back
The other side is bright
You hold the key to feel light
Sickness, health, no one understands
You feel the life slip away you once knew
It’s time to accept once was is gone
What is will always be
You’re in charge
Make the rules
Love who is left more
Cherish new ones
Bless the time you have
Look closer the sign says, Longevity Island

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What’s an important thing to consider as you enter old age? #525smallthings #NotDoneYet #IFindStrenght #InvisibleDisability

entering old age can be fun, but it will depend upon attitude and gratitude. I find gratitude always makes the best attitude—even in my older years.
I don’t know of any elderly person who disagrees with this saying: “Old age isn’t for wimps or sissies.” After reaching older age, this has even more impact with the older I get. These years seem to bring more smiles from others when I smile first.
Things have started to take a little more time, and with health conditions, it usually takes longer to heal.
Remaining young at heart and realizing I made it to this age brings me gratitude.


#525smallthings #delayed #goals #ultimategoal #africanamerican

Funny im in a program for people with developmental disabilities.this lady her job is working with African Americans with developmental disabilities like myself and there families tries to work with me about what i want and need and make it available for me to have what i want to prosper.ive already got 5 or 6 goals that could be the same as #525small things but i have an ultimate goal want to know guess youll have to wait to 525.by the way thats a big number hope theres no disqualifications.if we miss a day lol😊