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Nobody Warns You…

<p>Nobody Warns You…</p>
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Community Voices
Community Voices
Community Voices

Does anyone else experience delays in their emotional reaction to things?

I have a habit of feeling fine in the moment or suppressing what I think will be an emotional reaction to something. It hits me later like a ton of bricks, some times out of the blue because I'll honestly think I'm ok with whatever is going on.  I don't trust my gut reactions to things, I don't want to over react to everything so I've trained myself to wait until later.  Problem is the intensity is almost always 10x or more higher when it hits me.  I'm fine one moment then, snap, not so much the next second.

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Funny im in a program for people with developmental disabilities.this lady her job is working with African Americans with developmental disabilities like myself and there families tries to work with me about what i want and need and make it available for me to have what i want to prosper.ive already got 5 or 6 goals that could be the same as #525small things but i have an ultimate goal want to know guess youll have to wait to the way thats a big number hope theres no disqualifications.if we miss a day lol😊