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    Sorry I'm broken

    I always love u all #99 percent genetically the same one love

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    Captain Tom Moore #hero #mightmoments

    Wow wow wow wow

    I wanted to share this with you my Mighty family

    This very brave gentleman of a young age at 99 years old he will be 100 years old very soon.

    Started doing laps to raise money for the UK NHS. Our national health service. His way of saying thankyou to the NHS for his treatment for cancer and a broken hip.

    His original target was £1000 then 2 weeks ago one of our national tv channels picked it up.
    Everyone started to donate.
    The target was changed and changed again, and again.

    Today when I watched the BBC news his target stands at just under a million pounds.
    Yes just short of a million UK pounds.
    He wanted to raise a thousand pounds by his 100 th birthday when he will recieve a personal birthday card from the Queen .
    He only has a few laps left to do.
    He served in the war. He is now doing something in the fight against the covid19 war.
    What a hero.
    #heroes #100 #99 #Millionpoundsraised #MightyTogether #Captaintommoore #Laps #Cancer #HipReplacement #NHS #Sayingthankyou #Brokenhip #RareDisease #Amazing


    Ok I have had 2 PEs #99 and 2000#. Pulmonary embolism. It was found to be Antiphosphlipid Antibody syndrome. Anyone know what to expect .My pain is ba