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    Our Twins Have Cancer. Here's Why We Wear A Mask #Cancer

    I have a moment to myself. That's it, a moment.  And I am ok and happy with that.

    Our two year old twin girls, Ella and Eve both have a rare aggressive #Cancer .  They not only share the same DNA, but the same Cancer.   Everyday is an uphill battle. But, they are my heroes. #heroes

    They were both diagnosed with cancer at 1 month old.  They've probably spent more time in the hospital than at home.   They've endured chemotherapy, ostomy bags, seizures, feeding tubes, deadly infections, uncontrollable blood pressures, septic shock, life support, countless examines under anesthesia, and their fight is ongoing.  

    I get it. People think it's a violation of their rights to wear a mask. However, I feel that if I don't wear a mask, its violating the rights of my twins to LIVE. It's violating the rights of others who also wear a mask and want to LIVE.  #live

    See, whenever our twins are at the hospital (even before Pandemic),#dcotors  always gowned up. ALWAYS Head to toe. And, it kept our twins safe. Safe from those tiny microorganisms that could kill them. I know that, because I witnessed it first hand. So if my precious twins' lives were saved by a #mask , then I will proudly wear a mask, for them and everyone else.

    We have been under #quarantine for months. It's nothing new to us. Its familiar ground. They gone through grueling #Chemotherapy , and their blood counts would sit at zero for weeks.  So, we would stay at home.  Now, we keep them at home to protect them from the Corona Virus.  They've been through so much already, I cannot imagine them suffering in a hospital again.  

    Now, the virus has caused their treatments and appointments to be delayed or canceled.  My husband's employment has gone from 7 days a week, to virtually zero.  We are scared to bring them into a community setting.  

    They are strong and they are brave.  I am proud that they are mine. @OakleyTwinsJourney
    #Retinoblastoma #ChildhoodCancers #twins #Anxiety #Depression  #wearamask #RareDisease #sisters #Health #MedicallyFragile #Toddlermom #Deafness #cancerresearch #Awareness  #Safety

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    Captain Tom Moore #hero #mightmoments

    Wow wow wow wow

    I wanted to share this with you my Mighty family

    This very brave gentleman of a young age at 99 years old he will be 100 years old very soon.

    Started doing laps to raise money for the UK NHS. Our national health service. His way of saying thankyou to the NHS for his treatment for cancer and a broken hip.

    His original target was £1000 then 2 weeks ago one of our national tv channels picked it up.
    Everyone started to donate.
    The target was changed and changed again, and again.

    Today when I watched the BBC news his target stands at just under a million pounds.
    Yes just short of a million UK pounds.
    He wanted to raise a thousand pounds by his 100 th birthday when he will recieve a personal birthday card from the Queen .
    He only has a few laps left to do.
    He served in the war. He is now doing something in the fight against the covid19 war.
    What a hero.
    #heroes #100 #99 #Millionpoundsraised #MightyTogether #Captaintommoore #Laps #Cancer #HipReplacement #NHS #Sayingthankyou #Brokenhip #RareDisease #Amazing


    My Kids are My #heroes

    My twin boys were raped. They're nine now they were seven when they told us about what had been happening since they were very little. They didn't know it wasn't normal despite the talks about "no one touches you here except a doctor , " etc. It was their godfather what I chose before they were born. You know the one who was supposed to teach them more about God and the Christian way of life It's been two and a half loooong years and although my boys have serious trauma-related issues ( one of them is too violent to attend school he's home on medical they insisted that they wanted to testify. They became adamant that he not be allowed to hurt anymore children and it was partly their job to make that happen. They are so strong stronger and smarter than I could every dream of being. They've told me that while "sometime they think of it and get mad they just remind themselves that he really has a sick mind and he needs help." I can't believe how forgiving they are. I have a lot to learn from them. They have been as courageous as they are strong. The days when my body and my mind feel like they're coming apart at the seams they are there hugging me rubbing my back getting me an ice pack a heating pad... I just can't believe their strength. I'm sorry I know this might be off topic but I've had this awful #Anxiety and tightness in my chest I guess they're panic attacks ever since we were finally in court and he took his crappy plea deal ( 15 years with 5 to serve... that's less time than he spent raping them from babyhood to 7 years old ) . I'm #nauseous and #scared for not reason then I want to #cry . I don't feel like I'm being strong for my boys when they probably need me the most.