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#Depression #AQuietPlace #ParanoidThoughts #staymotivated #StayStrong

sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy, being lost in your thoughts can change the mood of your day-to-day lives also can lead to very tragic events. I'm slowly coming out of this dark place. I have hope now, learning who i am as a person. My kind heart, sweet soul, personal health issues will never change the fact that I am beautiful, I am loved by the most important people in my life "My children". I can make it, I can keep fighting ❤ we all can make it, we all can keep fighting ❤ 💪 staying strong, loving yourself for who you are. Believing in yourself, knowing that it's ok to be different, it's ok to not fit in, its ok to be yourself and love every bone in your body. And sometimes it's ok to NOT be OK! I'm trying 😪 and I will make it 😇 #StayStrong #StayEncouraged #Selflove

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Loud triggers #Anxiety #PTSD

I struggle with loud sounds and lots of other stereotypical triggers. I’m finding that new triggers are slamming doors and yelling angrily. It’s rather new and I’m not sure the root of the trigger. I feel as though my mental illnesses are smart and ever evolving to find new and not so exciting ways to react to things. I’m really struggling with keeping my panic at bay and powering through this. I shower for hours on end with my head under the water with my hair over my ears so that all I hear is the rushing water and nothing else. I close my eyes and just go inside myself without even realizing that time has gone by because as soon as I’m brought back to the loudness of everything it’s like I can’t function. #Depression #Anxiety #Dissassociating #AQuietPlace

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Why I love the night... #ADHD #AQuietPlace

Yesterday I took this photo. I'll try again tonight. If there is a moon to see. It's raining 😔.
By the time I had my tripod out the moon had vanished. I took this photo without my tripod.

I am Claudia. I was diagnosed with ADHD three year ago. Before I was wrongly dignosed with Bordeline Personality Disorder and Bipolair Disorder.
The moment I started taking Ritalin a lot of my problems disappeard.
I still fight depression and BED (Binge Eating Disorder).

I just bought a digital camera to get me out off the house.
#ADHD #AQuietPlace #digitalart


Screaming #Tinnitus #Anxiety #sotired

Go to sleep with this high pitched wailing in my head. #TiredofBeingSickAndTired Wake up to the same damn noise #AQuietPlace Please!! No hope of ever hearing the Peace of a Quiet moment! #notsuicidaljusttired ...
Not to paint on my Happy Face so no one knows what is really happening in my head.🤠😁🙂😐😕🥺😱😱😱😱