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    Memory like my goldfish

    No matter how many times I learn something….. I forget, and I have to relearn it all over again. My brain has been programmed to live in fight or flight mode for so long that now I am having to live in each moment. it’s a scary place sometimes. In the last six months I’ve been diagnosed with tinnitus which along with my anxiety and depression makes things more intense. It’s a day at a time. Glad I’m not alone.

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    Twenty years of Tinnitus

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who deals with this problem.
    With me it's usually brought on or more prevalent with nerve pain.
    I have quiet BPD and sometimes without even knowing it the ringing in my ears is driving my emotions and anxiety higher I can't stand it.
    I almost always have to have background noise if I don't want to hear the noise, it's a good thing I love to play music or it would be intolerable.
    I'm reaching out to see what positive methods anyone else uses to ease the affects of this affliction.

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Ozzi. I'm here because I have rheumatoid arthritis.in 2014 my lung collapsed and was in hospital for 8 months.eventually my lung stayed up and was allowed home.seeing people pass away on my ward effected me greatly.they didn’t pass away because of ra symptoms they were all varied.2016 I had a heart attack,and had two stents put in.I was told I have stenosis of my spine.And also have tinnitus which is driving me crazy.My left arm is now going numb and am seeing lots of different drs.I have a disability scooter which I use around my garden.I’m finding my pain killers are not working.And don’t know what else to do.

    #MightyTogether #RheumatoidArthritis

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    My tinnitus and an unintentional experiment.

    I'm 64 and I've been plagued with tinnitus for as long as I can remember. I have hearing loss in both ears of the moderate to severe range. My sounds resemble a piercing shrill, the woods alive with crickets and the hum of a diesel tractor outside my window.
    Recently I went away for a week to visit my daughter and I was home alone all day with her 2 pets while she and her husband worked. For a week ! It was blissfully quiet. I checked in with my ears a few times when I realized they were silent. Silent !
    I live in a 28'camper with my spouse. My daughter's house has a two story vaulted ceiling. The acoustics were amazing.
    The first thing I noticed when I returned home to my little camper was the low loud hum in my left ear. Wow it's back just like that.I want to mention I have a variety of stress ills, cptsd, anx,dep..
    So what was different at my daughter's house ? Lack of stress, lack of cannabis (I do the medical kind and it works for me), or the acoustics ? I have my shrill whistling back now, going on 5 days straight😤#Tinnitus

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    Loud, piercing and almost nonstop! #Tinnitus #pulsatile tinnitus

    I sometimes have to wonder if this kind of tinnitus could make a person slightly nuts 🥜! I would love just a single day without it.
    #mightytogether #Tinnitus



    Best Mighty community ..
    I'm new here and I'm struggling with this symptoms since months..
    And I want really know if someone know or have same condition to make me get more information

    My symptoms:
    -out of myself and thoughts
    -forget who I was before and my old self
    - places like home and every place I visited before strange and not as usual and music I loved also not like I love it before
    -environment around me like trees and everything so strange colors and shape artificial
    - don't feeling time and days hours ect..
    - watch myself doing things
    - I cant contact with myself when I looking at mirror
    -memories like not happening to me
    - my head and body not mine
    - like im in bubble
    - a glass partition separating between me and another people and material world
    - emotional numbness
    -can't start a conversation cause my head is empty
    - stuck in my head..
    -struggle to
    - eyes sensitive for light
    - when talking like not me not my voice(Feeling like I'm talking outside of myself)
    - when I looking to my photos I can't relate to myself like im somebody else.
    -While I'm sleeping I have alot of flashbacks about my past life when I was normal without depersonalization but also I'm waking up in panic but I don't why that's happening to me..
    - I forget what normal is and who I was as a person before..
    -brain fog
    -Losing self and inner self
    -non related to anything
    - I can feel warm and cold, I can feel the fuzz of my blanket, but I almost don’t process them included places and everything.
    -acting the way that I would usually act, but I’m not actually doing anything. I’ll respond in a conversation the way that I normally would, but I’ll feel as though the words that I’m saying are not really my own.
    - mind / soul are not connected
    -When i touch yourself , its as if i touching somebody else
    - jamais-vu
    -Totally out of this world, indescribable. Not being myself, not living in the same universe i did was before
    -Things are so close or so far away
    -Watching myself from above
    -weightless arms and hands
    - Tinnitus
    -Hallucinations around lights at the night( cafés,supermarket ect...)
    - forget favoriete things
    - family, friends feeling like i know them like as information ( that's my mom , that's my brother , this is my friend) but I feel nothing towards them
    - exhausted
    -mental break
    -thrown into an unfamiliar world they can't escape.
    -loss of spirit, an absence of emotions, and no mood changes.
    -self blame about wring decisions made before and many things..
    -body feels
    numb, weightless or
    World ‘flat’ or ‘lifeless’, as if i looking at a picture
    -constant fear that I won't be normal again.
    -feeling of "as-if acting." They feel that they imitate moods and expressions as if trying to act normal around others. But continue i feel like outside not part of ordinary life.
    - everything in my life including myself not like before or as usual
    -like the present wasnt really the present, like I didnt know who I was, like the past never happened, like I was watching a movie and wasnt part of my life
    -couldn’t even recognize the world I knew
    -pressure on the forehead
    -tuneel vision
    -spaced out
    -everything lacking in spontaneity, emotional coloring, and depth
    -numbness and tingling of the extremities
    -nothing mean to me
    -everything worthless
    -everything is pushed to the front of my head and eyes
    -feeling hollow like im nothing

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    Hi, I'm new here. I have already shared some of my frustrations on here. Looking forward to meeting others.

    #MentalHealth #MenieresDisease #Deafness #Vertigo #Tinnitus #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD


    Sleep Deprived EEG Tests

    I’m going to be having an eeg test soon for the first time. I just found out its a sleep deprived one.

    Have you had this test and can you tell me your experience with it? I’m wondering why the neurologist ordered this kind (sleep deprived) specifically.

    Did it get you and your doctors closer to proper diagnosis? #EEG #testing #Nerve and joint pain #neurologist #Diagnosis #mobility #Tinnitus #Epilepsy #ChronicPain

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    How will you respond?

    No one said life would be easy.
    No one guaranteed us anything.
    I didn’t ask for the #CPTSD the #ChronicDepression the #MajorAnxiety I didn’t ask for the #UlcerativeColitis the #CrohnsDisease the #diverticulosis the #Diabetes
    I didn’t ask for being part of less than 1%of the ENTIRE WORLD having both inner ears damaged beyond repair. I didn’t ask for the #Tinnitus ringing so loudly in both ears I sometimes can’t hear what ppl say. I didn’t ask for any of this. But I have them and more
    They way I see it?
    I have 2 choices
    I can learn to live with what I have and take #ONESTEP 🦶🏼at a time to do my best. Even if it’s minute to minute
    I can be a victim, feel sorry for myself, “woe is me”
    I’m learning that I can’t control everything. This is a hard one for me.
    I like to know what’s going on, what will happen, I over analyze EVERYTHING and then do it again. It’s a viscous cycle
    My mind always races
    What about this? What about that? You should have did/said whatever this or that
    I’m sure a lot of you know the “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” game we all play
    STOP 🛑 ✋🏻
    Take a deep breath
    My therapist told me something recently that “clicked”
    She said “Focus on the things you CAN control, not the things you can’t.” She was right. I’m a #workinprogress but I’m trying 🙂
    When I start to focus on what I CAN control, my #Stress levels go down just a bit. The #AnxietyAttack is at bay just a bit longer and I feel just a bit better.
    It’s amazing what can happen when focused on what I can control and #letgo of what I can’t.
    This is one of my favorite #mantras
    Which one will you choose?
    I’ll choose to RISE again and again
    Whoever is reading this remember:
    #Youareamazing #YouAreBeautiful


    #WarriorStrong 💚💜💪🏻


    Tinnitus makes each night harder


    This tops off my other health problems. Sleep is tough..taking Ambien but sometimes that doesn’t even work.