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Deus Dolor: God of Pain #Art #ArtWork #digitalart #representationofpain #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia

I made this as an artistic representation of the pain i feel everyday day from fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, and chronic neuropathy but, if you zoom in and look around at it you'll notice that it's about more than just pain; it's about mental illness caused by pain, it's about how you're viewed by other people, it's about worshiping at the altar of pain

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Mostly can use the things for free (and you can do lot of things) but, of course, if you want more specific brushes or colour palettes you can decide to pay for the app.
I still use them for FREE 🤣😜

They are really nice and good apps.

#Art #digitalart #ArtTherapy #artlovers #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #funapps #havefunwithit #usefullapps #Drawing #creativity #relax #haveaniceday #smile

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Hey y'all! I'm new to the group and site! My name's Robin (they/she) and I'm a cartoonist, storyboard artist and chracater designer! My favorite themes are fantasy, scifi and supernatural and I'm mostly a digital artist! Nice to meet yall!

#Art #LGBT #digitalart #Comics

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For fun

This is a Kitty I drew today. Took a little bit of time but it really helped me not focus on my pain and stuff. I hope you like it! #Kitty #Cat #Drawing #digitalart

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The Hindu deity, Lord Narasimha. #Art #digitalart

One of the ten incarnations of Vishnu in Hindu mythology. As a kid, I loved this story.

Here's the cliffnotes version for any interested in mythology.

A mighty demon king named Hiranyakashipu conquered the earth and the heavens, ejecting the gods from there. He hated Lord Vishnu, who preserved the universe, and had killed his brother. So, he proclaimed himself as the only true God and banned even the mention of Vishnu's name in the world. The demon king's arrogance stemmed from five boons he had received from the Creator, Lord Brahma, through intense penance and devotion. The five boons were these...

I shall be killed by neither man or animal.
I shall be killed neither inside or outside.
I shall be killed not during day or night.
I shall be killed not by any weapon forged.
I shall be killed not on earth or the heavens.

Thus, the demon king believed himself to be invincible. However, he had a son, a pure hearted boy named Prahlad, who turned out to be a fierce devotee of Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu hated this, of course. So, he threatened his own son with death, if he didn't give up this devotion to Vishnu. The boy refused. The demon king then tried to kill the boy many times, in various ways. But the boy always miraculously survived.

Finally, Hiranyakashipu summoned his son to his court and commanded him to denounce Vishnu once and for all. He asked the boy to call him God instead.

Prahlad refused. Infuriated by this, the demon king asked the boy, "If your Vishnu is so powerful why does he hide from me?"

Prahlad replied, "He is present in everything, from every blade of grass, to the stones and great mountains. His essence pervades across all existence."

Now, enraged even more, Hiranyakashipu says, "Is he in this stone pillar then?"

Prahlad nodded yes. The demon king took up a huge weapon and struck the pillar with all his might. A deafening rumble shook the land. The pillar cracked and fell apart. And there stood the fearsome man beast. The head of a lion and the body of a man.

The demon king attacked it with his best weapons to no avail. Finally, he cried out,
"I am blessed by Brahma, you fool. I cannot be killed!"

The creature spoke in a voice so deep the mountains trembled. It said, "Your arrogance blinds you. I am neither man nor animal. It is the hour of dusk, that is neither day nor night. I will rip you apart with my hands, without any weapon forged. I shall do this after laying you across my lap, with you touching neither earth or the heavens. And it will happen on your door step, neither inside, nor out."

And exactly that ensued. Thus the arrogant demon king was slain by Lord Narasimha, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.