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In several darkest hours of my life, I often questioning to myself, "Why me?". I felt that "the whole universe conspired against me". Until this though crossed my mind: "I don't choose to be born in this so-called world and for me, it's including "the whole package", such as physical condition (appearance, health issue, etc), my race/ethnic, where & where I was born, physiological conditions (pattern of thinking, unstable/stable, have some "conditions" or not, etc), but one thing for sure is I can choose to respond about anything using everything that I have!". Now (thankfully) I don't ask that kind of question anymore, I just try to "adapt", try to "survive" and hopefully can live my life to the fullest on my own terms! 😊


Adapting and accepting the new version of yourself

Since becoming unwell where its become life changing as I am sometimes bed bound took a lot of acceptance and a long time to be able to adapt to the new life of chronic pain that is now part of me. Adapting is one thing but accepting I'm no longer able to do the things I did in the past is hard to get your head around but somehow after a good few years I'm getting there. ##ADAPT #Acceptance #Newlife #InvisibleIllness

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New to The Mighty so hello. Things have been really difficult lately and this memory couldn't have popped up at a better time for me. Thought I should share.
#truth #strength #ehlersdanlossyndrome #eds #chronicallyill #fibromyalgia #ADAPT #survive #live

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What are you doing for a living right now (or if you’re in school) and how has it been affected by the pandemic? #survival #Work #Stress #ADAPT

If you’re comfortable, share your geographical location. If you’re in vet med, please let me know what your experiences with clients have been because I’m curious if they’re the same as mine.

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when you can't stop throwing up you improvise by putting a plastic bag around your neck for those sudden urges. #Gastroparesis #ADAPT #makeitwork #hanginthere


ADAPT not HIDE #ADAPT   #worldaidsday #hivlongtermsurvivor

OH MY!!!! Hello family!!! Tomorrow, December 01st is WORLD AIDS DAY, a day to remember the ones gone, but like I told someone already in another group, WE NEVER FORGET. Also, wishing all of you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Take it slowly, but ENJOY and have fun. About us, the ones surviving still? While living with anything chronic, we have to adapt. OK, in my case, I'm acknowledging that I have to start using regularly a cane, YES, A CANE, because I fell a couple of times last month, and I also hit my head. So, I have to be extra careful while walking and moving.  Yes!!! I will not hide my cane, and a friend already gave me a beautiful one. Sweet dreams and healing energy to all who need some. HIV LONG TERM SURVIVORS MOVEMENT.