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    Help from my friends

    Can anyone share any information on how I may go about a total name change #infoplease #namechange #Newlife #namechangeinfoplease #traumahealing


    New beginnings!

    Hi! Boy am I glad to find you! Without going into a big long story; suffice it to say, I now have the opportunity to reinvent ... find out who I am. I had no idea where to begin! Thanks for being here! #Recovery #MentalIllness #Grief #EmotionalAbuse #Guilt #Newlife

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    Adapting and accepting the new version of yourself

    Since becoming unwell where its become life changing as I am sometimes bed bound took a lot of acceptance and a long time to be able to adapt to the new life of chronic pain that is now part of me. Adapting is one thing but accepting I'm no longer able to do the things I did in the past is hard to get your head around but somehow after a good few years I'm getting there. ##ADAPT #Acceptance #Newlife #InvisibleIllness


    I'd like to introduce myself....

    Hi everyone, my name is Diane and I'm new to the group. I have been on The Mighty for many years only I didn't use it for a long time until recently. I have suffered from depression all of my adult life, I lost my dad last year, he was my rock, my safe haven so I have been trying to live a life without him. This year I have had other health issues arise which is extra to cope with but I'm doing well. I have given up smoking, lost weight, eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise. I know that I will struggle with my grief, I also know that my dad would want me to be happy. So I'm making a new life which I have been enjoying very much. #livingdepression #Newlife #Grief #livingon #newtomorrow


    All Hallows Eve Candle

    I was part of a Halloween walkabout (social distanced so don't worry) it was an arty fight night with fire performers, dancers, story telling, a band and loads more in an old graveyard.. I was a monk with a witches nose and in charge of 'limbo' a garden of manakin body parts, I got to wave a leg at people while saying "welcome to limbo, please don't take the limbs though!" Well I could say whatever I liked but that's what I choose 😂
    It was so much fun and I felt it appropriate because i feel like I've lived long patches of my life in limbo .. waiting for change but too afraid to make it. Well my whole life is different now, so I've started to put the work in to make it as full and positive as I can!
    At the end people were led into the beautiful old church to say a prayer and light a candle for those we have lost. I've lost so, so many i could light a garden of candles! I lit one for my mum, the man who raised me and my ex boyfriend/soulmate.
    It felt special to light a candle in that place for them on the night the Vail is thinnest 🤗🕉️☯️☮️
    Never Forgotten, Always Loved.
    #Grief #Memories #Newlife #Family #Beingalone #PTSD #BipolarDepression #warrior #Survivor #livingforthoseyouhavelost #rip #Healing #Halloween #prey #believinginyourself #movingon


    #Selfharm #SuicideAttempt #Newlife

    So, it's been a long while since I've last posted. Long story short, I attempted to take my own life early 2019. I succumbed to my depression and intrusive thoughts..I'm not going to go into details.. but after I was hospitalized and released.. I felt.. new. Like a snake with new skin. All of the negative energy my brain carried was gone.. and my brain finally shut up. I don't feel like the same person I once was. It doesn't feel like that relieving feeling after an episode of depression. It feels like I was reborn. Sometimes I miss the old me, sometimes I think about if I would've followed through. It just feels weird that I've met people who don't know the old me. I just had to get that out. thanks for reading. 😁


    When the normal is changing for something better, but you can't make it stick. It's hard to try and not to reach out for the old normal and fall back into the pit.

    Lately I've been doing so well on my medications and the therapy that I even got a job. With all this new, my ground has become unsteady and I try to fall into the old ways of depression and my ideation issues. I'm just not used to this new life that I'm living. It doesn seem real and a huge part of me is waiting for the down fall. With these thoughts I'm setting myself up for a fall that most likely isn't going to happen unless I make it happen. Mental health is so difficult and frustrating. #newbetternormal #BPD #Bipolar #Depression #Anxiety #Newlife

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    Something New & Really Big

    I want to move somewhere new and begin anew. I've never left the town I was born and raised in. It's a tourist area where sure it would be fun to be...that's if you have money to participate! (which being disabled from chronic pain/illness I am not) Plus I certainly never planned to be here birth to death. I want to move and really considering FL (from PA.) Like to turn this gorgeous historian building I found, on my last visit to family there, into some sort of community business. I also have had terrible anxiety my whole life so this is a daunting idea but one I cannot stop thinking about!
    #52SmallThings #anxious #Newlife


    I feel stuck.....I want to start again

    I feel like I failed at life. I feel stuck in a position that I can’t move up at. I am trying my hardest to get to the next stage. I just want to know what my next step is. I thought about starting a new life, a new career. Make new friends, start a side career, become someone new. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Do I sound crazy? #Newlife #stuck #lost