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Building #Selfesteem , ending insecurities, and taking control of #Anxiety that’s ruining my relationships

I posted about finding myself. I’ve done a little research. Evidently to find yourself you must commit to #Lovingyourself by building your #Selfesteem and stopping #insecurities . #Affirm yourself by acknowledging what you do right. Find what makes you happy like truly happy, that doesn’t involve another person. #Selfcare , have personal or “me time”, learn a new skill or hobby. Challenge negative thoughts, forgiving yourself, writing down negative thoughts then challenge them with positive thoughts. Spend time with people that love you seeing yourself through the eyes of those who care about you because that will help you appreciate your own unique qualities. Stay away from negative people and bad situations, surround yourself with positive people and healthy situations. Reflect on the good by celebrating ALL successes, no matter how small. Start an appreciation list, every day write three things you #appreciate about yourself (like a gratitude journal, but for appreciating yourself). Find things that bring you and only you #Joy . Prioritize alone free time. Do what makes you happy, in all aspects of life. Learn a new skill or hobby you are passionate about. Talk with a therapist. And lastly, focus on baby steps! Finding yourself will not happen overnight! Baby steps grow into bigger steps and keep you moving forward! #loveyourself #findyourself