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Why am I overeating when I am anxious!? I cannot lose weight and this is seriously not helping. HELP #Anxiety #bingeating #Overweight

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Feel I severely depressed, any healthy coping outlets?

I'm feeling as though I really hate myself and am feeling so much unbearable pain that I want to scream but can't. Has anyone developed any healthy coping mechanisms or a healthy outlet for these intense extreme emotions? It feels as though I am feeling all of the pain that I have ever felt all at once.

I have e-mailed the Samaritans but I am just crying so much and feeling so panicky and have just been binge eating all day.

##BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bingeating #feelingpanicky #intenseemotions #Crying


Coping mechanisms #bingeating #StressEating

Hello my fellow Mighty friends ❣️ I hope you all are doing well, or trying to just hold on. It's fine either way! Today I was wondering whether we could have conversations about various coping mechanisms that we consciously and unconsciously fall back on when the need of the hour (read body and mind) arises. For me, it is a combination of a bunch of things like eating, taking long naps, scrolling mindlessly through social media, loading up my cart with things that are out of my budget, or those which I'm never going to buy. I also tend to play games, which come with their false sense of achievement. My mind has a mind if it's own which tells me to hit the snooze uncountable number of times, it tells me to eat right after I had a full course meal, or to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes. And then comes the guilt, which never seems to go away. I have no idea how to deal with such opposing forces living in my mind and body. For most of my life, I feel like I'm just ghosting through- I am here, physically. Mentally, I don't even know what that place is. Everything seems to be transient. I can no longer do things which I once loved to do, like reading, cooking, taking care of my body. My sleeping pattern is all over the place. My optometrist told me that I'm not getting enough sleep. All these are so closely interconnected, I never seem to find one loose end which could help me undo all the knots. It is very chaotic. And lonely. I am so tired to telling people who apparently seem to care that I know exercise and yoga would do me good, that I need to stop working all night because I cannot function during the day, that I need to make a routine. No one knows these things better than I do. But I don't know how to do it. And there's no energy left in me.

Does anyone go through these things? I would love to hear your thoughts ❤️

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Just want to cry....

Just about everyday...I took up hiking late last year and I was doing good...and that’s been cancelled. I am looking forward to kayaking again, but we have to wait to see what’s going to happen with that(I have to go on trips with groups-so I have to wait). I know I am fortunate because I can work from home....but I am lonely and isolated and I am not the type of person to reach out to others for help. I am having trouble with my boss at work, but nothing can really be resolved until after this covid19 thing is done. I am eating like crazy too-I was doing really good before all of this and now I eat until I am uncomfortably stuffed.....this is just crazy and I wish we knew when it would end.....just needed to vent....😕 #Anxiety #bingeating #COVID19 #alone


has anyone else gained 20+ lbs in 1 month from a #bingeatingdisorder related to #boarderlingpersonalitydisorder

Relazing that my mental disorder #boarderlingpersonalitydisorder has caused my distorted eating and lack self worth. I’ve been into fitness for almost a decade. Had #bingeating and #Purging 4 years ago, I got injured and started to eat a lot again. Now I’m back at my haviest. Not feeling the greatest about myself and scared about my life and what to do. I’m 28 now and still in a mental prison with my body image. 🥺 I’m a mental head case worried I’ll never find love as I am just not okay.

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