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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Kindness to self

    I was getting angry at myself for not being assertive or confident. Then I realized I had to give myself a little more credit. I am diagnosed with #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and #Bipolar2Disorder and I try to hide it and function as if I don’t. I’m trying my absolute best every day and am slowly building up my confidence. It’s not easy but every day I show up.

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    The View Is Great

    Yesterday I posted a thought titled "The Beginning of Hope." It was a thought of mine that I was once suicidal and self-harming at one point but had made it out to the other side, I am now happy.

    First, I would like to apologize. I never want anyone to feel the way that I have felt- alone, rejected, and abandoned.

    Second, I am not a trained psychiatrist, and I sincerely apologize if I triggered anyone in any way, shape or form in my now-deleted post.

    Third, I want you to know that you are not a burden. You are beautiful. You are loved. No matter who you are or what you believe or what you do or what you've done. You are loved.

    Fourth, it does get better. Sometimes life feels like an uphill battle. Please keep climbing. The view is great. Make sure you're here to see it.

    #Depression #Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar2Disorder #SuicidalIdeation #Selfharm #Mania #BipolarDisorder

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    Hi everyone!
    I’m new on the platform but definitely not new to mental health issues. I’ve been in therapy since I was about 15yo and I’m now 21. I’ve done a lot of progress since then and if I look back at how things used to be I can’t believe where I am today. Nonetheless I feel like it’s time for me to share stuff with people who can actually understand where I’m coming from without being one of my psychiatrists. So here I am! #Bipolar2Disorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #otherstuffwritteninmymedicalrecords

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    Community Voices

    He feels the darkness coming.
    He hears the footsteps.
    He senses a change.
    He knows there is no escape.
    He runs.
    It’s futile.
    It envelopes him.
    Covering every inch of his being.
    Seeping into his soul.
    He know there is no escape.
    He gives in, welcoming like an old friend.
    The friend is unwanted.
    Maybe the visit will be brief.
    Maybe the light will come.
    He prays.
    He feels the darkness coming.

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    What musician or band have you loved the longest?

    <p>What musician or band have you loved the longest?</p>
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    Comparing diagnoses #Bipolar2Disorder

    A friend of mine was recently admitted to a psychiatric hospital and he was diagnosed with bipolar 2. I've had my bipolar diagnosis for a bit over a year now and am honestly not fully sure what it means for me. Depression and anxiety were so much simpler!

    Now that I know someone with the same diagnosis, it has gotten me stuck in a bit of a thought spiral. If this is how someone else is affected by it in comparison to me, am I even bipolar? I know this is probably me being a bit paranoid and over-complicating things but when my brain gets set on something, I tend to have very little choice in the matter.

    I have moments of high energy where I am charming as all hell and then a minute later I'm absolutely exhausted. I count down the minutes until I can go home and crawl into bed. I indulge in impulsive behavior, I am asexual so luckily it's mainly just randomly starting a new hobby or impulsive buying.

    I tend to binge which is why I don't drink and actively avoid any form of addictive substances, I don't have the ability to do something part way. I make huge life decisions with a general thought of 'you only grow if you do things that intimidate you'😑 Like 90% of the time I'm just actively miserable and so tired I can barely function.

    How does bipolar 2 manifest itself? How do other people experience it?

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    These racing thoughts won't stop. My son tells me to think positively but as hard as I try the negativity implodes. Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you #Bipolar2Disorder

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    Community Voices

    Are there any groups on here that talk about/support bipolar type 2? It’s similar but definitely different than the more common type 1, but I haven’t seen anything about it on here. #Bipolar2 #Bipolar2Disorder

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