I have many health issues & have found the last 5 days so Intense, I'm now exhausted!

I am happy to be feeling more like my usual self..😁I know each day may bring new challenges but am constantly learning to pace myself, days & life generally. 👍
It's been over 11 years of daily struggles & am feeling that I need to start to take back a lil control. 😎
I am 45 years old, married have 4 amazing kids, 2 adorable grandsons, pets & my home...I guess I'm tired of being governed by my health so I decided last December to try bit by bit day by day to work on finding 'me' again! 🥰
It's not easy & find I regularly hiccup into all kinds of pain levels, flare ups, sleep disorders, ultra low moods, hormonal issues, thyroid issues, mobility problems, weight issues & well, ya get where I'm going aye!!🙄😏🤨

So much to address but if I take small steps consistently, I'm hoping to improve the quality of my life, body & mind. ✴️💯🤏🙏

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