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    Dash wants to say happy national dog day!! I hope you spoiled your dog today. What did you do today with your dog? 💜#Dogs #chronicillnesss #Epilepsy #IntellectualDisability #Scoliosis #disabilty #AutoimmuneDisease

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    Adjusting...#chronicillnesss #Depression #ChronicPain

    Another way to say this is..”just roll with it”. So often we fight against change. It’s exhausting to do so. We can’t fight the wind, we have no power against it. So instead of always digging our feet in, why don’t we adjust our attitudes, put our back to the wind and glide a little easier until we reach our destination. Not every move has to be a fight. Just relax, let the chains fall off of you, breathe deeply and let the wind guide you. Sometimes the destination we were headed to is not where we are suppose to be. So when the wind blows hard, adjust your sails and glide easily to where you should be.
    #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Fibromyalgia #Disability



    I was not a slacker. I was an active and responsible person before but when I got sick everything changed. I cannot beat deadlines anymore. I have so many absences. I cannot finish tasks the way and standards I have used to follow. This has been years already but I am starting to get tired of being a slacker. Yes I think I am becoming a slacker already. Everything is unstable with me. My health, my work, my studies, my responsibilities.

    I usually am not this frustrated or sad. Usually I do not post such things too but I am really frustrated and tired now. Being in pain for days and doing nothing of the things that I should be doing.

    I just need to breathe and to let out of many things.

    I really feel bad for all the people affected of my instability. I know they are really all having a hard time adjusting with me and my conditions.

    I am really just frustrated of all the instability ☹️

    #chronicillnesss #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Depression #AutoimmuneImmunodeficiency



    As I lay down on my bed and stretch my feet
    hoping that tonight I'll get some sleep,
    I feel the fever coming, grabbing my ankles,
    climbing through my calves. It rankles,
    it burns, stings, it twitches and hurts.
    I never invited this type of flirts
    nor thought I'll have a romance;
    to be honest, I never liked this dance.
    These are only a few of the Lyme perks,
    by the looks of it, it's the return of a herx.