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    Flying through the wind

    Curling your legs underneath you


    Head tilted back

    Laughing because it’s uphill


    Scraping feet against gravel

    Trying to slow the up and down


    Feet hitting the ground

    But you can’t even rise from the



    Depression and mania

    Swings in the middle of the night

    It’s creative outbursts

    Suicide whispers

    The dancing in the living room

    Naps throughout the day

    But when night hits

    Once again

    The grinning demon


    #innerchild #Bipolar #Poetry #poems #Trauma #moodswings


    Four: Inner Child

    You’re four

    I can still hear you cry

    You almost never laugh

    Sometimes you’re angry

    Otherwise, desperate

    Affection is lost now

    Isolation is welcomed

    You’re four

    Eyes are blue

    Hair matted to head

    When you smile

    It’s snatched away

    Like a starving child

    Reaching for that bread

    You’re four

    Never growing

    Always stuck

    I don’t know

    How to heal someone

    Who wants everything

    And nothing

    But you’re still


    #innerchild #Poetry #poems #Trauma #Therapy

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    Is your inner child hiding from you?

    Inner child work is something I'm somewhat familiar with. While I've incorporated it into my own therapy I haven't exactly been successful with it. Let's just say my inner child and I don't get along very well.

    Reading this beautiful description of how Erica became the adult her inner child needed was so moving to me:

    Working With My Inner Child: How I Became the Adult I Always Needed

    Have any of you successfully navigated this kind of deep trauma work? If so, what was the experience like for you and how has it helped you with your PTSD symptoms. Share below.

    #Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #innerchild #Therapy #IFS


    I can't connect with my children unless I'm connected to myself

    I've just joined The Mighty community and was thrilled to find this group! I love all the real and honest reflections.

    I'm mum to two beautiful, adopted children who are both exquisitely sensitive and struggle to regulate their intense emotions. The greatest gift they have given me is bringing me to the end of myself to a place where I've had to search deep within to be able to meet them with the genuineness and authenticity that they so badly need.

    I've realized in such a profound way that we need to love and embrace our own inner child if we are ever going to be able to connect with the children in our care. #authentic #Parenting #SpecialNeeds #SpecialNeedsParenting #MentalHealth #connecting #Children #Grace #genuine #innerchild

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    How have you seen your “inner child” emerge?

    I was sitting at my table, sewing away a top for a cosplay as it hit me: at that moment, I felt my inner child emerge.

    Growing up, I always had dreams of art, fantasy, and magic, but had brushed them away as they were not “realistic” or the ideas were simply “for children’s imaginations.” But I’ve always loved that magic. Creating something fantastical out of a simple idea. Something new and outside the realm of our reality.

    I looked down at my work – a cosplay for a mythical being I imagined and was attempting to embody through art and I just felt so at peace with myself. Allowing myself, without consciously realizing it, to start diving into the things that have brought me joy I believed I had to leave in the past.

    How have you seen your “inner child” emerge?

    #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Trauma #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #CPTSD #BipolarDisorder #Recovery #Depression #Anxiety #Selfcare #Art #ArtTherapy #innerchild

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    The Wound and the Need

    I have done the work to be whole on my own, I've come to not want the acknowledgement that I've been wanting for so long. And even though I've made progress in trying to heal, my inner child still wants "Daddy". I can walk in my truth, but I still have abandonment issues and to even talk about my struggles with wanting a father still makes me cry. Things do get easier, it really does, but these wounds still hurt like hell. #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #innerchild

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    Therapy Homework..

    When your new therapist gives you "homework" on your first visit.

    When your new therapist understands you on your first visit.

    When you have this feeling your therapist will push you to break free from the reasons of starting therapy in the first place.

    .... I think I like this one! I'm ready for this next chapter of my Therapy story.

    Now, will you please excuse me while I go do this "homework" while ya'll go back to your regularly scheduled program! 😊

    #Anxiety #GAD #Depression #PTSD #Trauma #Migraines #Insomnia #Therapy #Undiagnosed #MentalHealth #Grief #innerchild #Healing

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    Present Life #MightyTogether #Write #blogger #MentalHealth #innerchild #heal #Addiction #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #PTSD #growth

    I just wanted to let everyone know a little about my present life at the moment. My girls and I are preparing to head out on vacation in 2 weeks and I've been spending a lot of time working on my new website

    Feel free to stop by and check out the new posts. I've also been getting ready for summer semester to start back up. I'm actually ready to tackle classes again. This mental health break has been life changing and I'm grateful for the growth, but I'm ready to get back to living!!

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    Yesterday and today have both been good (I think) and hard. I have been trying to be present with and aware of my inner child. It has brought a LOT of body memories and a lot of sadness and fear but some humor too. I have been going through boxes of things from my mom's house bit by bit, and it has brought up a mixed bag of emotions but mostly sadness. I was looking through a stack of pictures, and when I got to my mom and dad's wedding book, I realized how beautiful my mother was. She was classically beautiful. Tall, thin, with thick, dark, straight, lustrous hair. My first thought was, "Mom was so beautiful." My second thought was, "That was always an area that I disappointed her in." I felt so sad and angry. I had to put the book down and walk away. I went into another room. 

    I didn't have my mom's build. My brother did. I had my dad's. So, I was stockier than my mom. My healthy size is an 8. At my skinniest, I could sometimes fit into a size 6. When my mom and I would go shopping, she would always bring me a size smaller to try on. Never comment on why. Just bring me a size smaller. It didn't matter what size I was at the time either. That was always the pattern. The only time I would see her eyes light up with interest when she engaged with me was when we were talking about me losing weight.

    No matter what, I couldn't physically be her standard of beauty. I tried until graduate school. The only thing my mom ever mailed to me during that time was a scale. She was so frugal, but she spent the postage to send me a dirty scale from home. It probably would have cost less to buy a new one. Something snapped in me when I opened that box. I was so angry. I started gaining weight and have not been able to get back to a healthy weight since.  

    I also noticed in the pictures that she had the cutest clothes and knew how to do her hair and makeup. She never taught me how. She worked so much and had stopped wearing makeup or doing her hair by the time I came along. I wish that were something we could have shared. Something that she had taught me. Passed onto me. A legacy of her time and attention. She did shop for me after my dad passed, and he wasn't putting us in debt anymore. She would shop the sales. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but I do now. I feel loved when I look back at those memories. She spent her time, attention, and resources on me. I wish I knew then what I know now and could have thanked her more. I wonder if she was crushed that I didn't respond with enthusiasm? It's so interesting that I can feel visceral pain for someone else's emotions, but I struggle to feel pain for my own. Ok, that is enough for now. I'm starting to feel flooded. Thank you to anyone reading this. I needed my story to be heard, I guess. #CPTSD #Grief #innerchild

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    What are some techniques you are doing on this healing journey?

    Inner child work.
    Shadow work.
    Self-Help Books

    What are some advice, pointers, & suggestions you'd give someone who is on the journey who feels hopeless. Clueless. Weak. Unmotivated. & any other "negative" adjective.

    Pinterest is only doing so much.
    Therapy is helping yet some days sessions feel pointless.

    Any & all help is greatly appreciated.
    #Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe #undiagnoised #MentalHealth #Insomnia #Grief #Healing #Therapy #selfhelp #ShadowWork #innerchild #PTSD #Trauma