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I can't connect with my children unless I'm connected to myself

I've just joined The Mighty community and was thrilled to find this group! I love all the real and honest reflections.

I'm mum to two beautiful, adopted children who are both exquisitely sensitive and struggle to regulate their intense emotions. The greatest gift they have given me is bringing me to the end of myself to a place where I've had to search deep within to be able to meet them with the genuineness and authenticity that they so badly need.

I've realized in such a profound way that we need to love and embrace our own inner child if we are ever going to be able to connect with the children in our care. #authentic #Parenting #SpecialNeeds #SpecialNeedsParenting #MentalHealth #connecting #Children #Grace #genuine #innerchild

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Honesty #genuine

I want to let you know that this site has the most open and genuine people, I have met. One does not meet this much out in the world. It truly is a blessing. All of you are a blessing. It takes courage to open yourself up and show your emotional inners. It truly is a gift plus we share each others sacks of pain and confusion. We cannot take these sacks from each other but we can lift up the sacks of pain and burdens by listening, encouraging, sharing our own stories. There are so many of us. The key is we are not alone . Most important, there is no giving up. The strength we have , when we have it , is to be shared. We help ourselves and others.