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    Saying Goodbye

    This past week has been the most stressful I have experienced in years. My husband who is also disabled went in for amb surg. Was suppose to be a quick in and out. He experienced complications and ended up being admitted. The thought they saw a black mass on his lung and that it could be #Cancer . My husband was at 9/11 and goes every year to get checked out. I ended up going back and fourth from the hospital 4 times that day. After catscans and X-rays the Dr’s determined that it must have occurred when the tube was pulled out. There was no mass no cancer. TG. So that day running around then the news came. My sister hadn’t called my mom in a few days, which I was aware. The cops were called and asked to do a wellness check.
    My sister was found #Dead . #passed away
    She was only 60 she did suffer from multiple #ChronicIllness ’s. She had #AddisonsDisease #Fibromyalgia she had suffered from #AnorexiaNervosa when she was younger and also had #MentalHealth issues. My sister had a difficult life. I hadn’t seen her in years but she still also told my mom to tell me she loved me,my husband and daughter. Her niece which she never got to meet. I will have many regrets now that she is gone but I can say I am happy knowing she is no longer in pain. I loved her dearly but not enough and should have told her a lot more. As I sit with my grief and now in the mist of #FlareUps of my #RheumatoidArthritis and #Fibromyalgia
    I wonder how can I ever can get out of this flare while sitting here with all this #Stress and #Guilt .