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Like I went to sleep n I’m now waking up

I lost my daughter baby in 98 it’s like my mind went to sleep I don’t rember the things I did or said n now I’m waking up 23 yrs later still felling 17 and I have a 13 yr old it’s like my mind pressed pause but the world didn’t I can relate to a lot of actions from dpd to did to bortndlie personally disorder to ect but not all of each one just a few from each one I’m just trying to understand

#BPD #disassociate #AntisocialPersonalityDisorder

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What type of sadist is a malignant narcissist?

Malignant narcissism isn’t an officially recognized term (I’ve been told it is in the DSM-V after all). The same goes for sadistic personality disorder is no longer recognized in the DSM. There is a general understanding though as to what malignant narcissism would be defined as among some professionals. It is not by any means universally recognized.

Malignant narcissists are pathologically grandiose and have egosyntonic aggression. They lack conscience and have a psychological need for power. They cannot take criticism as it triggers off their paranoia. In Kremberg’s hierarchy the only thing that trumped malignant narcissism was psychopathy as a more severe form of narcissism.

The thing that distinguishes malignant narcissism from regular narcissism is the comorbidity making the disorder a broader range of symptoms than the pathology. Where a regular narcissist will damage other people for self-interests, they may regret or show remorse for doing so.

Malignant narcissists have a more pervasive lack of empathy due to the ASPD characteristics. They will lack feelings of guilt and remorse for the damage they cause and because of the sadism they actually derive pleasure from hurting others.

Well, if we were going off of the idea of Malignant narcissism being combination of Narcissist with traits of sadistic personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, as well as antisocial personality disorder then sadism can be broken down into a few different kinds.

Spinless sadism which is an avoidant style. Insecure, cowardly, cruelty, and weakness

Tyrannical sadism which has negativistic features. They relish in the menacing and brutalizing of others, forcing them to cower and submit verbally cutting and scathing, accusatory and destructive, abusive inhumane and unmerciful.

Enforcing sadism which includes compulsive features - hostility in the public interests, cops, bossy supervisors, deans, judges, they possess the fight to be pitiless, merciless, course, and barbarous with the task of control and punishment.

Explosive sadism which includes borderline features - unpredictable outbursts of fury, uncontrollable rage and fearsome attacks, feelings of humiliation are pent up and discharged.

There is nothing saying that a malignant narcissist wouldn’t have elements from any one of these categories or even all of them at various times.

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The similarities between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder

Some people say that there are similarities between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder, because both includes breaking social rules.

The only difference is that Autism Spectrum Disorder includes interpreting the context of social cues or repetitive behaviors, and Antisocial Personality Disorder includes not caring about social norms and it includes lack of empathy, as well as criminal behaviors, although not everyone with Antisocial Personality Disorder commit crimes.