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Insomnia? Or, bad habits.

I have been in a pattern, of going out to do errands, via walking and public transportation, ignoring the weather, as we continued to get too-cold weather and precip.
Then, zoning out in my apt afterwards, recuperating, from that, and the interpersonal and environmental stresses of the errands, themselves (differences, and problems).
Was up in the middle of the night, as I still had to do the dishes, and my teetWhat if it's the stress of these errands, and the conditions, causing the burnout?
Could I afford to (and wait for), delivery for some of these thiUvdud have problems with some of my deliveries (why I didn't want to do that).
Can I fix that?
And I need to be here, to clean up my apt from mess.
It is better here than it was, but there's still a ways to go.
I wanted to put this down, so it's cohesive, and I can work on it.
Glad for this website, and the opportunity to do that.
#Decluttering , Up All Night group, #Fibromyalgia /accidents, # osteoporosis, #varicose veins w/leg ulcer, #Trauma & separation issues, #Poverty , #Anxiety , #aging

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Day 5: Ahain no long walk, but a different kind of victory #ADHD #Decluttering

Today we trew 140 kg of planks a mattrass and miscellaneous rubbish out.

The planks are of a big heavy design closset, so that was most of the weight. There's much more, but it didn't fit in the car.

Box by box with stuff I'm sifting through. Throwing stuff away is a victory for a hoarder like me.

#ADHD #Decluttering