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    No peace/quiet. #Irritability #Misophonia

    Lost the charging case to my Jabra Elite ANC 7 Buds and everyone is pacing around me. Will earplugs hurt their feelings? Can’t concentrate focus on anything!

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    Surrounded by stuff

    Listen to my conversation with Krista about how decluttering improved her mental health and emotional well-being

    #Clutter #clutterfree #Decluttering #mentalhealthtips #Overwhelm #Anxiety #Irritability #Chores


    Flipping The Script

    The last post I wrote, I was in a #Depression episode because of the #BipolarDisorder . Now things have flipped and I’m in #Mania though it feels like #Dysphoria . I’m highly agitated and experiencing this desire to keep moving. I’m very frustrated and tired from the lack of sleep. Even my meds don’t seem to be working (especially the ones for sleep). Does anyone else experience irritability and frustration rather than euphoric happiness during mania?

    #BipolarDisorder #Mania #Dysphoria #anger #Irritability


    Off my meds #Medication #MentalHealth #Antipsychotics

    I stopped taking my meds abruptly at the beginning of Autumn last year after my mum decided that she trusted me enough to take over responsibility for my meds. I feel awful about betraying her trust but I just can't bring myself to take them anymore. I don't believe that there's anything wrong with my mental health either but I don't know... Can suddenly stopping meds cause irritability? I also feel hazy and seem to find it harder to concentrate on certain things, is this a consequence too or am I mentally ill after all?
    #denial #coldturkey #Irritability #Psychosis


    How to control #Irritability with #HashimotosThyroiditis flare?

    I’m in a pretty severe Hashimoto’s flare right now after having my son 6 months ago. One of the worst symptoms is the irritability and anxiety. I’ve been lashing out at my husband over the littlest things very easily, which is unusual for me. I can feel my blood pressure and HR rise as I get agitated. Any tips for dealing with this?

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    Bipolar Irritability: Does anyone else experience this? How do you cope when it interferes with your life?

    I’ve been irritated this past week and I’ve read that irritability is a common bipolar symptom. I was wondering if any of you have felt the same way. Any feedback would be helpful. #Bipolar #Irritability #CopingTips


    #Irritability #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    I often feel desperate for quiet time alone and claustrophobic with my kids moving around me, especially at the end of the day. I’m always working on breathing deeper and being more patient but my anxiety is of the charts. It might be OCD

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    The truth has to come out

    Does anyone's pet cause them anxiety or put them in a bad mood? I see positive stuff but hey calms can destroy a house and cats ruin furniture. I'm curious. #Anxiety #Irritability


    People are annoying #Irritability #Bipolar

    People are making me sick right now. My husband, one of the few non-annoying people, says I seem hypomanic. He's probably right, because I am very irritable when manic. I'm just tired of everyone wanting to drink to excess or get stoned. Preachy tee-totalers are almost equally annoying, for other reasons. I all but don't drink, and drunk people annoy me. People who can't seem to think annoy me more. I have a few good friends who I'm fine with, but the larger groups of people they associate with annoy me. There are just a lot of annoying people in the world. Manic irritability sucks, and I have no way of knowing if it will continue to get worse. Therapists have said things like "at least you don't like being manic too much," but there are downsides to being more irritable than euphoric. It sucks, and it's landed me in the hospital before. Plus, it's not fun at all. I'm crawling out of my skin with restlessness. Aargh! At least I've got an ironclad reason to avoid all of them.
    #venting #Bipolar1Disorder

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