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When you think life is getting better only for someone to look at you and crush your dreams

I’m someone who has always had to do more than other people just to get anything. In school I had to read 10 times more just to get anything. Became depressed at a young age( I thought my life was cursed, still do), now I’m 25, finished my bachelors degree. Surprisingly, despite my academic struggles, I wanted to do my masters this year.

Coming from a 3rd world country, I wanted to go to the US for my masters. I started applying in February, I got accepted to Chadwick Boseman school of Fine arts at Howard. I was shocked I qualified, it was the happiest day of my life. I spent a ton of money to meet the requirements of the school. Applied for a visa only to be rejected for no reason.

My whole world flipped, I had a ton of plans for my future. My dream was to go to New York and tour Art galleries and see if they’d sign me up. I thought my career would be at its peek. Now I’m caged up in my room, I have no hope, I don’t know what to do with my future. I didn’t think they’d deny me an F1 visa. I am beyond crushed. I just wanted a better life.

#deppresion #MentalHealth #Anxiety

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Feeling hopeless, rock bottom.

Hello, has anyone had stayed at a long term treatment center for suicidal thoughts? If so how was your experience? What was the cost?
#deppresion #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Hello my name is Danielle Andrews I'm 36 I live in Norwich CT with my boyfriend Chris and Kitty cat princess I struggle with major depressive disorder and am looking to get in recovery #deppresion


#OCD #IntrusiveThoughts #deppresion #ChronicAnxiety

Can’t take it anymore I’m on the verge of dying fuck it my mind can’t take it anymore nothing feels real my mind is my worst enemy it is what it is

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just a thought. #lgtbq #deppresion

im coming out as bisexual and transgender tommorow to my dad. but i dont think my mom will like me after this. i hope they understand that im me and not a perfect barby doll they want me to be. i also had a bipolar episode.. i dont remember much but my dad knows. just want to feal happy once. i dont have anyone who knows this exept you whos reading this planning on running away on sunday. it may not happen  but if it does,i just want to say, that YOU are loved and that everyne around ou cares for you. dont do what i do.

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One of those days...

I call it “HAVING A DAY”. Not a bad day, not a horrible day, just A DAY. You know, the ones where you are more conscious about things currently going on. Your health, your mothers health, needing to clean the house with zero motivation to do it, bills, trying to muster up the strength to get anything done. I’m having one, it’s one of those days today...
#Gastroparesis #ParkinsonsDisease #deppresion #Anxiety #Nomotivation #struggeling