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Blaming myself for my depression

Unfortunately I had a nice job for the 3rd time in my life and depression smacked me in the face and said no! Depression and anxiety can convince you of anything. I am not worthy, don't bother going to work, why are you even getting out of bed?, you're just worthless anyway. My aches and pains became too much, I've missed too many days and its hard to explain its not because I don't WANT to work. Sometimes I CAN'T. #Depression #depressionisreal #Anxiety #Anotherday

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goodbye.. . #Depresssion #Anxiety #Fear #Normalpeopledontunderstand #normal #depressionisreal

i just got discharged from my treatment clinic. it was the first time i voluntarily admitted myself to admit my depression was real. while i was there, all i wanted was to feel normal again but being back at my flat doesn’t feel as safe as what i got use to over the last week.. when will it start to feel normal again 😕

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I’ve been feeling defeated lately.
I am guilty of comparing my self to others.
I want to make big changes this year. I want to save lives. I want to make a difference.
So far it has been good.

I survived a hip replacement. I am surviving the depressive episodes. I am surviving the disabled veteran stigma.

I. Am. Surviving.
This is one of my favorite shirts ever made.
“Relax and embrace the crazy”.
Why yes I will.

What are you favorite shirts and where can I get more ?

#Surviving #embracethecrazy #lifeblogger #armylife #stopcomparingyourself #depressionisreal #Ptsdrecovery #Surviving


#Stigma in family

I confessed to my mom that I was raped (repeatedly) by my uncle last night. I finally had the courage to say it because I found out that he is doing it with his daughter too and it's too much to bear. My mom's first response was, "what did he do to you"? And i told her the details but i forgot some of it because it was so traumatizing to me and I said sorry it took me a while to blurt it out and that contributed more to my depression. Then she said, "why didn't you tell sooner?... *sighs* we thought he was a nice guy." That's it. And I didn't say anything after that. It hurt me. A lot, to hear from your parent how casual it was for her when the topic is so sensitive and traumatizing. I teared a little. A little because I expect the reaction from her and because I felt I have shed too much tears now I got tired of crying even when I want to. All i said to myself was, "she was a wrong person to talk about my depression, my traumatizing past"... I have told my situation to my sister before and she took it lightly, like I am just in a phase of having , like if i go to therapist and take meds, it will go away just like that. "She's the wrong person", i thought to myself. Now i feel empty more than ever. #depressionisreal #mentalhealthmatters

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Change the way you think and feel better #Depression

How many other people get told that they just need to change the way they think? I think that is a very unfair statement. Depression is so much more than “how we think.” And if thinking differently was an easy thing to do, we all would do it. I try very hard to change the way I think and perceive things and I try to be super positive. I am very optimistic when it comes to other people but that is not easily transferable to myself. It does not matter how positive of a person I can be- I am still depressed. Depression is not just the way you think, depression is a combination of many things. is not caused because we think differently, we think differently because we are depressed. My only goal with this page is that I raise awareness about mental illnesses and to reach people who might need to read some of what I have to say, yet I still get negative feedback about how I am so negative and need to change how I think. I do not believe there is a problem with the way I think. I believe there is a problem with how people perceive depressed people and anyone else with any other mental illnesses. isn’t always a visual illness but it is very real and very much there.

#MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #MentalHealthAwareness #depressionisreal



I am tired of the fight between anxiety and depression. I’m at the point where everything is a non-issue. I just don’t care. Going to sleep.


What do you tell people who don’t understand the need for depression meds. I.e. people in church communities who believe depression can be prayed away

People at my church believe depression is spiritual warfare- anyone else have this experience? #depressionisreal

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