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Poetry for healing #poetryforhealing


It came out of nowhere in the prime of my life, an illness - rare, prognosis unknown, would cause me much strife.
I went through the stages of grief, getting stuck in denial brought me temporary relief.
I was out of control but no one would notice, I was good at pretending I had a life of bliss.
I covered up all my pain with alcohol and trysts, food and travel - I did whatever I wished.
Reflecting on it now I had a death wish, almost elated this disease would bring me what I missed.
Peace and love were always out of reach, for those in my life didn’t know how to teach.
Now I understand the direction I was going, looking in all the wrong places without even knowing.
I’ve awaken from my unconscious slumber, now I’m living in a state of awe and wonder.
Could it be I’m grateful for my disease as it has guided me to a life I please?
# poetry

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“I lost a baby. I was 14 when I didn’t give my first boyfriend consent….

<p>“I lost a baby. I was 14 when I didn’t give my first boyfriend consent….</p>
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I’ve Made it to Age 40.

<p>I’ve Made it to Age 40.</p>
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I often wonder how I survived all the years of abuse a few years ago I started to remember all the abuse I went through it's been rough. I had tons of friends a husband and 4 wonderful son's. But after remembering all I've been through #Surviving abuse. I started to notice less friends my husband was pulling away the only thing I managed to get right were my son's. Now everyday I live with doubt #PTSD feels like it's killing me. My story's so long I won't go on just lost and confused and hurt 🤕

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Still Hurting...
#Toxic People
#Unconditional Love
#Too Nice

The tears just won't stop... Every time I think I do not have any left, My face is saturated with my tears from all the crying that never stops. It seems that I can't get any relief in this life for my sorrows and I can't find someone trained to give the right tools to work through things. I hate this. It's been all down hill and I am constantly fighting trying to fight my way back from illnesses and scars from my past. The worse part is I hate doing it alone. The one person I know loved me Unconditionally has long passed and every since that day I have been alone. I used to Pray to pass too because I couldn't live with the pain. But I tried to make my impression with hopes that someone would be saved from have to ever experience any of my sorrow. But I now realize no one cares nd when I part this Earth no one will miss me. I am so Broken, but I want to fight. But I just can't anymore... I am consumed by Hurt and Scars...

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What music gets you through the day?

<p>What music gets you through the day?</p>
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So about a week ago I left a really toxic invornment . I basically found out that where I was I wa being sexual abused by someone that claimed to be my friend LIES !
I didn’t have to leave but when the person decided she was kicking my fiancé that lived with us too for no good reason I told her to her face I was tired of the shit there and that I was deciding right then and there to move back in with my mother. Even if my mom can be in healthy person for me to be around, it’s actually healthier then what I just left!
Me and my fiancé are working as much as possible towards getting into an apartment of our own. There is a friggin huge list of things I have to get done like getting an SR22 car insurance so that I can get my drivers license back so I can have a car and be ably to legally drive literally anywhere again. The past six months I have not been able to do that and most of my money was taken by room mates . So I couldn’t ever have just enough to help out with my issues.
But I have to that, get proof I took this dui class several months ago which I swore o got papers saying I had done this! And now I those papers just disappear.
I have to make handfuls of Drs apointments to make up for ones I have missed. Reapply for food stamps!, look for new places to live with fiancé , look for possible second if not new jobs that would offer better money, go back to school, all things I was doing before it’s just all so much! But I want to stay on top of stuff not fall behind like I have been for so long. Maybe I am keeping so busy I literally feel exhausted all the time. Cause I am trying to avoid my depression and trauma for what I just went through ! #Surviving #MeToo #CPTSD

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Some days as soon as I awake being alive feels like a burden. I know , I know it shall pass but until it does, it's a tough fight to function normally when there is this F5 Tornado inside my chest. Hugs to everyone who walks this path, you are not alone. #Surviving #warrior

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Reminding myself to share happy moments too, because they are what keep me going…

<p>Reminding myself to share happy moments too, because they are what keep me going…</p>
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