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    It’s another day

    Another day where the day was ok but today I don’t want to be in the world

    A day where I I feel so very fragile and lost

    A day where I feel like everything is hurting my heart although nothing actually is.

    A day of fighting not breaking into tears purely because I’m awake.

    A day of feeling like everyone hates me.

    A day of just wanting to curl up in a ball.

    No one around me has done anything wrong I’m just over sensitive and everything hurts, I can actually feel the pain in my heart and chest and heart is racing. It hurts it really hurts

    But I know tomorow has a chance of being a better day….. there’s a chance…. It not be but I have to cling on to the fact that it could be… maybe…. Please tell me it will be…. Because this hurts #EUPD #Anotherday #TOMORROW #Anxiety #PTSD #hurt #Pain

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    #Ugh #Anotherday #knockmeout fibroflare #SleepDeprivation #killerpain #miserable #needsleep #back2bed4me

    Only got 1 & 1/2 hrs sleep - lack of sleep makes #Fibromyalgia #Pain horrendous. I'll need to take some Trazadone with Vistoril & get more sleep or else the whole day will only get worse for wear. I'm like "😦😩😧😖😩😵" .....can't do it ....not today. Back to bed for me. To🛌 need😴

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    Hey y'all!
    How are you guys doing?
    So, I wanted to share so much! But I am too tired to type.. I thought of talking to all you know...
    I realised I made a rushed decision and I am now regretting it too much.
    Have you guys made a decision so rash that now you are regretting it ??

    #MentalHealth #Depression #queer #Anxiety #Anotherday #whatsup #PanicAttack

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    #Goodmorning #Anotherday #ANewDay #ChronicPain #PTSD

    GOOD Morning, Friends !!!🌞 ☕ ☕ I #Hope you don't have to suffer a lot of pain today!!! 💕try to focus on things that help make you feel good (i.e. music. favorite Tv movies, your pet(s)) ...try not to feed into negative thinking. It will only send you into a downward spiral.

    I know sometimes the pain can be ESCRUSCIATING & overwhelming - & its hard if not impossible not to just feel & focus on anything but the pain.

    I hope today treats us kindly.😘💕((((HUGS))))

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    #Goodmorning #Anotherday #ChronicPain #Depression #PTSD

    GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE🌞🙋another day to struggle thru & at the same time do our best not to be miserable( although were in a helluva lot of emotional/mental/physical pain. It's another day. Let us try our best to be happy & enjoy at least a bit.☺🌸💕🎈🌻🌼🐾Cuz misery is no fun at all. And we suffer most for it. I care about all if you lovely ppl her at The Mighty - & I can appreciate & admire your efforts to get thru each day.😘



    Another new doctor to tell me I'm crazy and wrong!just makes me want to scream!!seems I know more than them half of them time!I hope no one is going through this today like I am

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    it’s just so busy

    Everything is just so busy, but not all at the same time.
    I mean, I’m lying in bed, so I’m not actually busy but my brain has 7000 conversations, past, future & present going on like waves getting louder, then rolling away to allow for the next one to come along.

    How nice it would be to set it all free a bit of peace & quiet, not that I’m allowed that or would allow that.
    I mean it’s a shame really being afraid of actually living not #Death.

    Today isn’t the day, there are always things to do, washing up, going to the shop to get cat food, you know the ‘basics’ which feel like the hardest jobs in the world sometimes.

    Like dory the fish, I have an on-going mantra “just keep swimming” however, right now it’s “get up”.

    #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Anotherday #keepgoing


    Blaming myself for my depression

    Unfortunately I had a nice job for the 3rd time in my life and depression smacked me in the face and said no! Depression and anxiety can convince you of anything. I am not worthy, don't bother going to work, why are you even getting out of bed?, you're just worthless anyway. My aches and pains became too much, I've missed too many days and its hard to explain its not because I don't WANT to work. Sometimes I CAN'T. #Depression #depressionisreal #Anxiety #Anotherday


    Another Day

    Congrats, you made it to another day. Be thankful, give thanks, and love your neighbors today. The sun is you do to the world. Go out and make a difference. #Anotherday #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #s #SuicideAttempt