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    Tenderness to Self

    TENDERNESS is so much easier to find for a sweet fuzzy animal than for our wounded grumpy selves. (Not that these wallabies were about to lash out at me!) Asking for a Word for the day is my writing ritual, I then bathe in whatever definition arises. What is your definition of Tenderness?

    #dailyaffirmations #dailyrituals #anxietyrelief #anxietysupport #Ptsdrecovery #PTSDawareness #Selflove #selfcare #UlcerativeColitis #AnalCancer #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #NarcissisticAbuse #CoerciveControl

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    Tolerance for a Friday

    Tolerance - a good word for a Friday when the tank refill is very very close....

    Meanwhile, there is always a cup of tea. My Word Baths are my definitions of a word that pops up for me first thing in the morning. A great writing ritual as at least I have written something before breakfast.

    #dailyaffirmations #dailyrituals #definitions #writingcommunity #Writing #writingprompts #memoir #Meditation #anxietyrelief #anxietysupport #Ptsdrecovery #PTSDawareness #Selflove #selfcare #UlcerativeColitis #AnalCancer #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #NarcissisticAbuse

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    #innerchild #Healing #Awareness

    Sometimes the grief I feel over everything I didn’t have as a child becomes visceral and it makes it hard to breathe.

    My inner child is screaming for love, for comfort, for validation.

    I will do everything in my power to make sure my children will never question their worth. 🌻

    #innerchild #innerchildhealing #PTSDawareness #PTSDAwarenessMonth #Trauma #traumainformed #childhoodtrama #childhoodsexualabusesurvivor #Survivingchildhoodtrauma #Ptsdrecovery #TraumaRecovery

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    #livingforhim #Ptsdrecovery

    This is my only child Isaiah Reynolds. Forever 19. Today is 292 days since he gained his wings. I guess I’ve known deep down suicide was always a possibility although I never thought it would happen to us. I have watched depression turn my happy child into sad, disjointed and questioning why he’s even here on earth for the past 7 years. Wondering if he was ever going to find “his place”. I want Isaiah to be remembered for his generosity, his sense of humor, and love for jokes and food. For giving the best tightest hugs and always protecting me. Being top of his class and helping others that struggled. For being an amazing and kind person that most people should take notes from. For his smile that could light up a room and never judging anyone. He made everyone feel special and checked daily on everyone. Isaiah was a natural healer even though he could not heal himself. I remember so many days trying to put on a smile and pretend everything was ok when I knew my entire reason for living couldn’t feel love only hurt. For all the outsiders that thought I was miserable or even rude because I couldn’t maintain a smile on my face every hour I worked. Now you know. Sometimes people are going thru their own nightmares while awake. I made it a point to tell him everyday how loved he was, handsome, kind, smart, brave, and so strong to be fighting mental illness for so long. I know my family and his friends told him often as well yet this disease lied to him. It told him he was worthless, unlovable, hopeless and unsuccessful. I always portrayed myself to be strong for my son, but I am not any longer. I am broken, depressed and trying to find my purpose without my baby. He was all I had. Just the two of us. All I’ve known since I was 18. In Isaiah’s words. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this world” I now am beginning to believe him. He was too kind, generous, loving, and smart for this world. Maybe he wasn’t the broken one, maybe it’s us for not being able to feel the things he did. This world is ugly and unkind. All I know is I miss him everyday Isaiah is my hero for fighting this ugly battle while trying to live a “normal” life. He will forever be missed and never forgotten. #SuicideAwareness #spreadawareness #EndTheStigma #SuicideLoss #PTSD


    How to accept that the trauma event happened? #PTSD #Ptsdrecovery

    I had something happen last year that has caused me to develop PTSD. One of the things holding back my recovery is that I cannot accept that it happened. I try to remind myself that it’s not happening now, what’s happening in my head is not real now - but that just reminds me that it was once real. All I want is to go back and prevent the event from happening, I just can’t accept that it did so I just end up more angry/upset.
    Does anyone have any helpful tips for accepting the past?


    Recommended retreat or program for ptsd? #PTSD #Recommendations #Program #Retreat #Australia

    I have chronic pain, depression anxiety all the fun stuff... I NEED to find a retreat or program that will give me an intensive under-the-microscope approach to it all and dive into some big change & tools to drive me towards healthy. I have been struggling through suicidal thoughts daily & my beautiful little girl deserves a healthy mummy.

    I can’t possibly risk causing her pain by losing this battle, no matter the cost, I need this. I’ll raise the funds somehow. I’ll do whatever I have to for my baby girl 👧🏻 #Fundraising #Mentalhealthretreat #Therapyretreat #IntensiveOutpatientPrograms #noprivatecover #Pensioner #Soleparent #Ptsdretreat #Ptsdtherapy #Ptsdrecovery #Spdpelvicpain #Adhesionrelateddisorder #Abdominaladhesions #ChronicPain

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    Good for the soul

    Today and yesterday I gardened and played piano. So good for my soul! A therapist once told me to imagine my soul like a garden and as I tend to it it goes through different seasons. I am grateful! #52SmallThings #EatingDisorderRecovery #Ptsdrecovery

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    Hey there. I thought I would say hi 👋🏽
    I am the face behind the blogs. I am Southern California girl (Simi Valley). I share my story about life as a mom of two teens, life as a retired Army Combat Veteran and a military spouse of over 21 years.
    I know how it is to juggle life with your career. I know how it is so be a Soldier trying to fulfill your duties and as a spouse trying to support his career. I also know how it is to raise two children during meetings, daycare, deployments, field time, bosses who want all of your time. I have been there and done that. I also know how it is to go through a mid life crisis and cut all your hair off and dye it purple. Yup. Been there too.
    My hair isn’t perfect but it’s mine. My makeup isn’t perfect either but I still put on my face. My clothes are comfy casual and it’s me.
    Oh and I’m also an advocate for PTSD awareness for individuals and families because we live it firsthand. So this is me. This is us. This is my story. Want to talk? Need some advice? Reach out. I promise that you are not alone.

    #entrepreneur #vetpreneur #blogger #storyteller #armyvet #PTSDawareness #Ptsdrecovery #advocate #MotivationalSpeaker #lifecoach #awildridecalledlife @militaryspousemag @militaryspouse @militaryfamiliesmagazine

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    I’ve been feeling defeated lately.
    I am guilty of comparing my self to others.
    I want to make big changes this year. I want to save lives. I want to make a difference.
    So far it has been good.

    I survived a hip replacement. I am surviving the depressive episodes. I am surviving the disabled veteran stigma.

    I. Am. Surviving.
    This is one of my favorite shirts ever made.
    “Relax and embrace the crazy”.
    Why yes I will.

    What are you favorite shirts and where can I get more ?

    #Surviving #embracethecrazy #lifeblogger #armylife #stopcomparingyourself #depressionisreal #Ptsdrecovery #Surviving

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    Be still

    Some days are better than others.
    Some days I would much rather stay in the bed and sleep away all the stuff I have to do. Some days I pray for peace and guidance to get rid of all those things going on in my head. All the worry. All the stress. All. The. Things.
    BUT I get up anyway. I get up even if it is to make that new dinner recipe that has me kinda excited to try. I get up to make a lunch for my son to get him through a long day of a wrestling tournament. I get up to be with my pups.
    I am learning to just be still and take a deep breathe. Sometimes that is all we can do and need to do.
    Be still and let him do the rest. Be still and be thankful for another day.
    We’ve got this. .
    #MilitarySpouse #armyvet #Ptsdrecovery #PTSDawareness #bestill #Inspiration #blogger #podcaster #Momlife #armylife #relaxandletgo #entrepreneur #veteranpreneur #awildridecalledlife @a_wild_ride_called_life @raedunn @militaryspousemag @militaryspousechronicles @militaryfamiliesmagazine @veterans_girl_support_page @strength4spouses #Inspiration mi