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The war zone…battles all the way

I have suffered immensely…
“I have suffered more”!
i’m totally exhausted and overwhelmed
“I’m even more so and I still pull on”
I managed to pull myself & do these tasks
“ I accomplished a lot more & better with my pain & grief”
i’m a failure
“We are all failures”
I have lost everything
“You know i was reduced to a pauper but i didn’t lose hope, worked against odds and rebuilt myself, my relationships and my fortune.”
Nobody attempts to understand how my sensibilities and outlook has changed over the years
“That’s all your imagination…besides what’s the deal with your sensibilities that is different from what we as family and friends have afforded & nurtured?”

I had a good time and visited these places
“I had a better time & did you visit Y other than X which like everyone does?”
With difficulty i managed to convince them & get the work done
“That’s always the case with me…managing people & getting most out of them”
I got this done rather cheaply for 1000 bucks
“In just 400 we got it done!”
Did you check my piece today?
“I think Y’s write up was better”
What do you think of the collection of verses along with my photographs

“Don’t look so gloomy…get out of it “
“You wallow in self-pity but one’s greatness is to maintain fortitude and equanimity against the most debilitating odds ”
“why do you take medicines for your depression? It’s all piss…be a man and face the world. Neitschze had it so.”
“Everyone loses jobs, relationships, networks and suffer. I endured all that and i still enjoy my masal dosa, payasam and chicken biryani “
“You should learn to be detached and mindful…life is transitory and full of suffering. Pranayama and mediation will help decentre..”
The overwhelmingly pervasive game mindset rendering every encounter, conversation, interaction to one of contest and it has to be won. And these with my kins very certainly and most ‘friends’ not far in contest. Negate everyone and assert the airs of extreme self assuredness, self righteousness and condescension.
#Depression #Grief #Loss #interaction #dialogue #Loneliness

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The Power of Words #Community #dialogue #Communication #Connection

As I scroll amongst social media sites, I have realized something new in me. My excitement rises when words are shared as a response to any post. But I become like a competitive teen when emojis are communicated. I cannot believe my middle aged self counts and compares my emoji responses with others. Crazy!

Therefore, since I am on medical leave, I have started appreciating the power of words. Don’t get me wrong, I am a true introvert. I love my alone time. But I have noticed my internal feelings, of joy, when crafted words are offered as opposed to the computer generated forms of communication.

Hey, let me just say, I used emojis all the time as a active multitasker running and commuting around city streets! However, now, my state of mind has allowed me the privilege of realizing the power of words and his dialogue builds community.

So, as I embrace this new platform, I will strive to rewire my now altered brain by really responding to this community of #TheMighty . Why? Because I enjoy the power of your words. And I prefer to be in constant dialogue with you, the community of #TheMighty !!!❤️



I am currently working as an arteducator on a series of methods and/or assignments where art functions as a language or a starting point for dialogue. But I am thinking about a question and I thought I should ask my fellow mightie's what they think about this!

Do you think there is enough dialogue between people with a chronic disease/disorder and the rest of the world? If not, why do you think that is?

I would love to hear what you all think :) feel free to leave a comment 🥰🙏
#chronic #question #dialogue #struggle