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I feel overthrown by this disease at times. My husband is financially supportive but lacks quite a bit of emotional intelligence and inquisitiveness to educate himself about fibromyalgia. My family has since past. I have degenerative disks and osteoarthritis. I'm scared now but far more scared of my future. Pain completely has the ability to disrupt my mental stability at times since I was a sufferer of anxiety, depression, and PTST long before my car accident and cervical spine surgery. Why are so many doctors so dismissive and flat out ignorant to this disease. It's like fighting a war without any soldiers.#flabbergasted #bewildered #bamboozled #hoodwinked

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I so want to visit my grandsons and his family one more time as I my osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis , scoliosis, and spondylosis

Do you think I can find the strength and struggles to see my son and his 2 incredible handsome little boys

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#mighty Pets

I’ve been so blessed to have had so many Pets of All Kinds in my lifetime! I briefly tried, but couldn’t live without one!

My Recent Love♥️

This is “Salsa”. She was initially named ‘Samba’, but by the end of the first day together I said “You are no laid-back cool island 🏝️girl! You are one spicy little Salsa 💃!” And at about 1 1/2 years, she fully lives up to her name! Cabinets have locks. Not a lap cat, but glued to me like a barnacle, doesn’t meow-only chirps & trills, thinks she’s a dog & plays like one, loves to drink running water from the faucet, and waits at the door for me when I need to run out! Yes, when it’s time for bed we have our snuggle routine, she becomes my “baby” again, I 🎶 sing to her, then she goes to her bed near me. Guard Cat. I love her to bits!🥰

#Depression #Anxiety #Migraine #graves Disease #Diabetes #heart Attack #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #SpinalStenosis #Osteoarthritis #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder

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Bad adults

#sexual assaults #emotional abuse by parent #CPTSD #chronic pain #fibromyalgia#breast cancer Survivor 20 years # psoriatic and osteoarthritis etc

I'm grateful for the mighty. Not very knowledgeable about PTSD but I want to learn from folks that have been there. Not from medical people that dismiss me.

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I have a diagnosis #Depression #Anxiety #Hope #Arthritis #Relationships #MentalHealth

I finally have a diagnosis. My doctor was perplexed but x-rays revealed I have severe osteoarthritis. The sudden onset was attributed to 3 weeks in Asian heat and then coming back to our Australian winter.

Treatment options are now many. Mainly pain relief and keeping my hands warm. I will consult a dietitian to see if there are foods that hinder or help. Now that I have some real pain medicine it’s been a lot better.

Getting old is not for wimps. It’s great to finally have an explanation. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

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If you can't be nice, be quiet.

I had a response to one of my posts today that really upset me. Someone accused me of being addicted to Percocet. On average I make a bottle of 90 pills last 4 months. Every few days I take 2 when my hip impingement or my sciatica flares up. Why such strong meds? I had back surgery 2 years ago. After the surgery we realized my hips are trash. I've got impingement, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis on both sides of my hips. The hip specialist refuses to do reparative surgery claims I'm too young. I can hardly walk without my meds. But I don't take them every day. Sometimes I can barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Before you judge someone ask to learn. Or just go away.

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