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Community Voices

You're an Empath If...

<p>You're an Empath If...</p>
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Am I Doomed?

<p>Am I Doomed?</p>
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Community Voices

I decided to post on here today for the first time to share what my experience with chronic invisible illnesses is like. I couldn't help but read others posts & it just pained me so much. I don't want to try to even compare what I feel with what others are experiencing. I just know that some days, moments I don't feel like I can live in so much physical & emotional pain but then I pray, listen to music and meditate on the promises for the future when there will be "no resident (that) will say I am sick" Isaiah 33:24 and Revelation 21:4 "no more pain, tears nor death will be no more" and it inspires HOPE. Please let me know if these scriptural verses bring you comfort? #truehopeforthefuture