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For work today all day, I'm supposed to just read about my new position at my job. We have training on it tomorrow. Problem is, I have no clue what I'm reading about, therefore I'm not retaining info, and it's boring PLUS I have to do this all day. Any advice or things I could be doing to help myself? Boss is working from home, I'm in the office. I have tons of fidget toys. I can hear my coworker talking. I cannot move to a different room. 47 with combined type ADHD. #CombinedPresentationADHD #hypersensitivity #Anxiety #Depression #overwhelmed

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Still seeking solutions 💜

A few days ago I asked about what kind of barrier other sensitives put between their hands and the world. I wanted to read my books without pain from touching the pages. I have switched to buying electronic books, but I have a sizable book collection of my favorites that I'd love to utilize. Some solutions were suggested that were quite brilliant.

These gloves are too small but my hands are really screaming "WTF are you touching me all over!!!" My fingertips are responding to the rubber by screaming like I've dipped them in a boiling cauldron, and that is triggering spasms in my shoulders. I also tried cotton gloves. My fingers thought the seams were the enemy. The barriers I wanted between me and the world are part of the world that my CNS abhors.

I am using the topicals and meds for overall comfort, but my arms and hands are quite serious that they don't want to be touched ever again, period.

Maybe if I wear these once per day for a minute or two to build tolerance? Maybe the pages of a book won't seem so bad in comparison? Or it could spell disaster and push me over the edge to the next hellish level of pain that humans aren't meant to survive. I'd love your thoughts on what to try next. Do you know of any magical gloves that are infused with the spirits of pain-whisperers? All joking aside, there has to be a solution somewhere. ♥️💚💜

P.S. To read paper books, if this had worked, I would only need one rubber tip over a soft, seamless barrier to turn the pages. The leather gloves were for doing exercises and household chores I miss. I was also hoping to be able to type on a computer for long periods again - hence all the tips. For that challenge, I can stay at a few minutes at a time. I'm happy with my progress in that regard. As long as I can write, I can maintain mental health. #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Allodynia #HighlysensitivePerson #hypersensitivity



Do any of you do a motivational reward type thing with yourself or anything along those lines? Kinda like when a child completes a task, they receive a treat? I have anxiety/depression, and ADHD. I have just been wondering about this from time to time. #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD #OCD #hypersensitivity # Trichotillomania



Good evening, Peeps! I've said it before, diagnosed with ADHD in 2016 at age 43. I have a couple vocal stims and a a couple finger stims. I hum, usually quietly, constantly, and sometimes I have to catch my breath, but not bothersome to other people. When I'm stressed or anxious it gets louder. "moan" when I'm tired, and my fingers on both hands are constantly in motion, mostly my left, non dominant hand. Lately cuz of my fault i have not been getting much sleep, and I noticed lately my left hand fingers start flapping at times. Are they doing this cuz I've been so tired lately? Also why do I have stims. I just like learning about all this. It also seems like my hypersensitivity to sound is a little more pronounced. I have been on Adderall twice a day and Trazadone for sleep since diagnosis.
#CombinedPresentationADHD #Anxiety #Trichotillomania #Depression #hypersensitivity #OCD



Good morning! I work at a sit down office job. I have numerous fidget toys, I draw, and I have my phone to look at. I also sit on a yoga ball chair and stand when I need to. Still my body is feeling like I did not take my ADHD med this morning. I have a huge need to move, its uncomfortable. My fingers have been stimming all morning, and the morning is going excruciatingly slow. How do other people with combined type adhd cope with this? #CombinedPresentationADHD #Anxiety #Depression #OCD #hypersensitivity #Trichotillomania

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You're an Empath If...

Social situations leave me feeling drained to the point where I have to cancel plans with friends. Also I am hyper sensitive, or so my husband tells me.🙄 #hypersensitivity #empathproblems


Hyper sensitivity - competing sounds. #hypersensitivity

Toss the keys on the counter, keep the cheery smile, greet the spouse, animals and commence talking about each other’s day. Still reeling from what happened work, struggling to decompress from the social interactions and interruptions forcing me to conversation with people in fake small-talk. But I’m together. I’m fine, giving my attention to my spouse and animals.

The evening carries on as usual - a walk with the dogs, dinner and Netflix, and some puppy play. Somewhere in that routine, usually the dinner and Netflix time, or even randomly throughout the day, my teeth are set on edge and I’m physically writhing from competing sounds. To me, this is when there are two distinctive and separate noises in different or similar volumes, tones or pitches that occur simultaneously. I cannot, repeat, cannot handle it. Or at least until I identified a handy fix action that brings 90-100% relief most of the time.

Example: we are watching something together and then my spouse wants to tell me a story related to something going on in the show, but all the while the show is still playing at normal volume at the same time. I can’t hear whatever they say nor what the show is projecting. It’s a jumble of contrasting and competing sounds that are draining the filtration process from ears to my brain. It’s so overwhelming and I sometimes immediately get a headache and am usually irritable right away.

That’s just one of many examples that assault my brain in different ways at different times. Other common ones are when my dog drinks water while music or tv is playing; all of my coworkers typing and clicking at the same time; the lawn mower and the tv; the hum and mumbled chatter of my spouse in their office upstairs while I work downstairs with a zoom meeting or conference.

Forget about chewing. That by itself regardless of other sounds is a huge trigger for me. If I don’t have my tool nearby I usually leave the room so the other person can eat. Even my cat, she’s huge and eats so loud. I promise I’m not over exaggerating. These are huge problems for me that cause me to plunge head first into anxiety, panic attacks, and maybe result in depressive episodes.

I bought a Bose Bluetooth Noise canceling headphones 🎧 set and have been using it any time I need a quick solution to block out the world and reduce the competing noises and handle my hypersensitivity. I can function and do whatever I need to without being a bother and burden to my spouse or feel on edge. It’s not the end all, but it is my escape from the sounds of the world. I have them paired to my smart TV in order to block other sounds or commotion while being able to escape both audibly and visually. I’m focused and functional while remaining in relative control of my mind, emotions and thoughts - sometimes. That’s the illness side though, still a struggle no matter what.

So if you suffer from hypersensitivity also, invest in some noise cancelling head phones. They are life changing. #hypersensitivity

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I’m hurting so much #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

There is this guy I'm in love with, and he loves me back. He broke up with his girlfriend recently but he didn't tell her that I'm in the picture. I am considering him as my boyfriend to prevent detachment as usually this is my pattern. I know he considers me as his girlfriend but his behavior doesn’t underpin this.

Now here is the thing. He still lives in the same household with his ex and waiting for her to move out. This would probably happen only in October. This bothers me a lot.

Now it came out that he and his ex had a reservation for a vacation and his ex-girlfriend didn't make the cancellation. Today they went on the vacation together so they wouldn't lose the money. This really hit me, and also the fact that they went to a place that I really wanted to visit.

Now I'm doing my best to control/regulate myself and not to have an outburst/episode, as recently I'm having one every other day, and I can get very angry over everything. Sometimes I ask myself if the level of anger seems to be more intense than it is warranted by the situation or event that triggered it.

Also I didn’t make plans for this weekend as I was hoping we would spend some time together but that’s not gonna happen as he is on a vacation with his ex...

It also upsets me that he didn’t say this to me in advance, but only when they arrived to the place .

I’m so tired of this.

I needed to mute his messages on my phone to avoid further triggers and to prevent myself telling him to f*ck off or lashing out.

Please don't judge me because of the situation. I just need to vent as my next therapy session is on Tuesday. I'm lonely and there is noone around, and I need to spend the three day long weekend alone.

I just can't believe he has done this to me, I'm hurting so much.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfregulation #hypersensitivity #Outbursts #Loneliness #Anxiety