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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is elliottsmelliott. I'm here because I have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, severe OCD (in recovery,) Tourette’s syndrome, and excoriation disorder/ dermatillomania, and I also struggle a lot with attachment issues, anxiety and depressive episodes, and trauma.. I seem to most likely have CPTSD, but this is not diagnosed yet, as I’m waiting for appropriate therapy. I want to provide and receive support, and learn how to survive.

#MightyTogether #AutismSpectrumDisorder #ADHD #OCD #Grief #Anxiety #Depression

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is cheesyknucklehead. I'm here because I’m going through an unexpected divorce after 15 years with someone I considered my best friend. My soon-to-be ex decided that bc I’m currently unable to make money, due to my many illnesses (many he knew before we married), that I am unworthy of love, kindness, and respect. He decided that I must be lazy, even though he’s seen my fight for years to get better (therapy and medication have been life savers for me). I’ve studied so much about trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, etc for years. But now it’s a whole new perspective for me as I begin a new chapter of my life that I never expected. I’m in the beginning stages of the divorce, as well as having just been diagnosed with a seizure disorder (non-epileptic). I have ADHD-C, Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, C-PTSD, Seizure Disorder, and Excoriation disorder.

#MightyTogether #PTSD #ADHD #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD #cptsd #seizuredisorder #excoriation #psychogenicseizure

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Recent Break Down

Hey everyone, alongside having BPD, I have a really difficult time with a problem called excoriation. The issue with this is that it is either an OCD or it is simply part of BPD.  Essentially, I pick at my skin.  Although it doesn't sound as bad as it may seem, it has led me into a spiral of living my life based off of issues with this problem.  I hope that you take the time to read my recent blog post if you can empathize or have had similar problems.  Thank you!



The "What If" Train is Exhausting. Anyone Have Tips for Mornings?

My anxiety loves to take "what if..." and run wild with it.
This is a bit funny now, but in the moment it was pretty real. So, Thursday I was getting ready for work and saw in my laundry room what I perceived to be mouse droppings. My brain went from zero to ninety in a split second. "What if I have a mouse? What if it eats all my food? What if it runs up my face in the middle of the night? ... I DO have a mouse, it WILL run up my face in the middle of the night. I need to clean everything everwhere!" (To be clear, I'm pretty sure I don't have anything other than a cricket in my laundry room. Mice are not probable, though somewhat possible) Thankfully I had to go to work or I would have frantically cleaned myself into a state. As it was, I was late to work and my boss wasn't pleased, so then my mind went to "what if" again and pretty soon I had convinced myself I would be fired. It was a rough morning and for some reason I decided to be tough and not take my back-up anxiety meds, so I suffered through the morning, barely able to put sentences together outloud and trying to tell the loud thoughts to be quiet.
My boss extended me grace, suggesting I start coming into work a little later. She said she wasn't surprised that I've been having more trouble than usual getting around in the mornings since we have gone to daylight savings time.

Does anyone have any tips to make mornings less rough? I am not a morning person at all. I get up, take a shower and pack my lunch and get sidetracked or lose focus half of that time.

#Anxiety #Bipolar2Disorder #excoriation #Grace #MorningRoutine


People say I am ruining my own life.

Hi...I am a girl who has low self-esteem.that led me to some conditions like OCD excoriation disorder etc.it all started in 10th grade..Some girls was used to put me down
.A guy I talked to on social media also used to put me down..So maybe I got low self-esteem because of that...so excoriation didn't stop till now it happens badly..there is someone I Am close to who is my sister...Her behavior affects me a lot..she is a very nice person helped me over come a lot..but sometimes fight with her led me to suicidal thoughts.I don't know she has exteme Anger issue but she is nice but sometimes not good for me.day by day my brother is becoming more and more toxic..I don't know..Since my childhood I only wanted a toxicity free environment..My siblings used to beat me so much that I ended up in hospital trying to commit suicide at the age of 13...why they used to do it? because I didn't study that's why they could beat me as hard as long they can..they stopped beating me now but So toxic..why?cause they give me money for my education.theyare so nice right? So helpful siblings..for me not studying they have the right to be so toxic.??my parents ?they are more toxic ..they only hear the sibling who earns..I hate my father..He used to beat my mother and siblings before and always faught..I even saw him sleeping with someone..Those things don't happen now..I m 20..will be 21 Soon..The fact isI haven't heal...Damn it I wished I had some other disorder..Drmatillomania with scars on face body I feel so ashamed...Why So toxic???I can't do anything..I looked for my freedom through social media..I was always in all girls education..Talked to particular 2 boys.one in grade 9 one recently in 2020..all went wrong.My sister knows it..she helped also after the first one and I broke up but that tooo I told her 4years later causei don't trust them...she just gave me guilt..If I told her about the other guy she will create a scene like she did previously..I never met those guys in real..We just talked and it was over..the 2nd guy was toxic and he told me some bad words and went back to his ex..But whatever.If I had a healthy environment I would never get treated like that..they are toxic...I want toget out..they don't like me hanging out with my friends after college is over..should I always stay in this toxic environment that made me always feel na about myself...I have no choice...Ido meditation hypnosis..I try to be better..My family ruined me....But they say seeing scars on my face that i ruin me..wish I had some illness from all the torture..but this dermatillomania???that's just another torture that I do not to myself....I have no one to share no true friend...I have trust issues I don't share I never shared alll these with someone..I want a healthy environment maybe I want to just live alone and have Freedom from alllthese...My family blames me for me...no man I made me like this ..I was just a child..U could have made me better.Dont blam me for beomethin likethis


Eligibility for Service Dog with GAD/Excoriation/PMDD Diagnoses?

Hi everyone! So I’ve done a TON of research on service dogs and I feel as though I could truly benefit from a psychiatric service dog- especially as I am undergoing phobia exposure therapy and could benefit to take him to medical appointments with me. My problem is that I brought up the idea of a service dog to my therapist and her response was “sorry I don’t really know a lot about them.... I can’t like, write you a prescription for a service dog” and I got too nervous and stopped talking- even though that’s kind of how it works, right?? How do I go about bringing the subject up to my therapist again and explaining the process of qualifying for a service dog? Thank you!! (Also- I’m considering instead getting an ESA, but training it with tasks and then not taking it anywhere in public except doctors appointments with the permission of the office. I think that might be a good alternative for me since most of my anxiety symptoms occur when I’m home alone anyways and not out and about) Thanks so much for reading this all!!


Is this Excoriation? OCD or Anxious behaviour?

Hi! I'm new to this plataform so I hope I'm using it correctly. So, all my life I've bitten my nails . I remember it started to get worse at like age 8-10 when I also started to tear, bite and eat the sides of my fingers. A little later on (I think) I also started doing it with my toenails, mostly picking since bitting was kind of hard to reach. It mutated a little and not also my toenails where compromised but also the soles of my feet. I take skin out of it, sometimes only from the hardened part but also from the smooth and thin parts, like between my toes. This sometimes results in bleeding and it hurts a little to walk. I'm also really prone to picking ingrown hairs and blackheads, but I think the other stuff is kind of more relevant and causes the most obvious damage to my body.
Also, I have a so called "obssesion" on picking on acne, since I do not have any, I do it to my boyfriend. And we sometimes catch me doing it without his permission, which is bad and also kind of embarrasing to me, like I can't control myself.
I'm sorry if any of this grosses you out 😓, I just would really benefit from talking to someone who may struggle with something similar to what I struggle with.
Also, sorry if I make mistakes on my English, it's my second language 😅.
Ps: I've been seeing a therapist for almost two years now, and we've talked briefly about this, but this wednesday I'm planning on asking her if she believes this might be a disorder.

#ExcoriationDisorder #Anxiety