Another day which was not promised the sun rises as my chronically ill body awakes

Will it be a day I can push through or a day I disappoint myself accomplishing nothing
It's up to me so I chose to push through like the trooper my parents taught me to be

As the day goes on no hago otra cosa but dream about the moments when I once had a life other than this day by day life valiendo nada aveces es lo que pienso

Lord tells me wait a minute what's wrong with day by day? That's my motto "un dia la vez" you haven't seen it yet but I assure you there is a reason I slowed you down
When you see it then you'll surely have that ahhh ha moment... so my child take a deep breath here's an extra spoon for the day you can push through you already know your strong just remember there's nothing wrong with day by day living and if you forget just turn to me for that extra spoon
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