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No worker showed up!!! Today isn't a #Holidays

This is Friday and isn't a hoilday. Kids went to school and stores were open. #monday is #Thanksgiving in #Canada So my 2 days shouldn't effect me. But nope the group home takes the time off. They don't even to bother to call or message you to let you know. Not good. They just do whatever they want.

I think #Summer is gone now. It feels #Falls today.#TheMighty #MightyTogether


White matter brain disorder #balance #Falls #Cognition #MemoryLoss

Need to know if someone has same symptoms as me and how they deal with them. I’m fearful of falling, my short term memory is bad, I have trouble with organization, sometimes I can’t think clearly.


#Falls .

#I 've had many falls. There isn't any need to be embarrassed. Some of them i've had broken bones, concussion, and stitches. Some of my better ones(kidding) I fell in the store on to my knees , the grocery store parking lot, infront of moving cars, and fell on sidewalk at the Mall. I have taught my daughter in law the trick to helping me stand up. That's not as easy as you would think. Had a man run up behind me and he put his arms under mine and picked me up. Outside the mall fell and just laid like I was making snow angels. Should've seen look I got from car that went by. Don't fell embarrassed it happens. Not all would share our unique chronic pain either. Tell anyone with me if they hear swearing turn around for I've fallen. I get how you feel. If we can laugh at ourselves nothing is that bad


#WhiteMatterBrainDisorder #Memory loss #Poor balance #Falls #CognitiveIssues

I was diagnosed with this disorder about a year ago with an MRI. I have been having memory, thinking, and organising problems for years but didn’t know why. I have had several falls, the most serious on Halloween last year where I fractured my sacrum falling down the stairs. Since then I had unrated eye surgery with complications so I haven’t driven on 3 months. I have taken a leave from my volunteer position at an animal shelter and am fearful of returning because of my issues. I also have been clinically depressed for 40 years. Is there anyone out there that can identify with mybsitmy