Good Morning Mighty Family

Thought I'd start the day with a nice giggle

How are you all?

I've been suffering with my face a bit, so been holed up in my bed with my pups or on my sofa with my TV remote. 😁 plus it was VE day anniversary so I watched the celebrations and the veterans on the TV. Listened to all the old songs by Vera who is now 103 . Wow.
So I had a nice few chilled de-stressed days.

Sometimes it's just What your body needs.
No virus news

A rest A sofa day A pups day
Oh and I made cupcakes
And yesterday bread too.
My neighbour kindly cut my grass and the bread was for her and the cupcakes for her daughter.

So what has your weekend been like, been up to anything or have you been chilling like me?
Have you been helping out any of your neighbours like mine have?

I'm so grateful that I have such kind neighbours πŸ™β€πŸ€

Much love Tj

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