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    Did you Choose to Be Happy or Miserable?

    A friendly tip. Always start each #morning on a #positive thought. "Today is gonna to be a good day. I know we all can't really choose are emotions. We can choose how to face our day. #TheMighty #MightyTogether

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    Not sleeping well?

    Here’s a way to turn a not-so-fun experience of bad sleep into a fun game in the morning.

    #badsleep #bingo #ChronicPain #Endometriosis #Hypothyroidism #Osteoarthritis #Sleep #Pain #morning #positive #Brightside #creative #problemsolving

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    Sunrise from California

    Maybe we will actually get some rain #sunrise ,#morning ,#Rain ,#Beauty ,
    #chronic pain, #Sarcoidosis , #multiple health challenges,



    I think that I have been having relationships with the days of the week. I think from a young age I have always looked at friday as the day before my time. I ask myself now what is my time? Is it the weekend? is it the absence of the traditional work week? Or is it me telling myself something about one day vs another?

    I found that my truth was found when I identified the lie I was telling myself about the time I wasn't taking for myself. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and #Friday have all been mine to do something with.

    #morning coffeethoughts


    Struggling to balance on sertraline

    #Sertraline #morning anxiety
    Going on week 3 of Sertraline 100 mg. Sleeping fine, but consistently waking before my alarm feeling anxious and struggling through the day still anxious and/or depressed. Around 6 pm, I start to feel better and normal. Wishing I could stay awake at night and sleep through the day… how do I turn this around?? I need to be productive during the day, not mopey and lazy. So frustrating.


    Does anyone else wake in the #morning with #Anxiety that actually feels flu like? #Fatigue is unbearable.


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    Hello 🖐 Good Morning #CheckInWithMe

    Hello and Good Morning

    Welcome to All the New Members of ChatSpace Too.

    I hope you will Say hello back
    Even if it's just a Wave 🖐

    How are you all doing today

    Saturday 8 th August
    Wow its August already

    Where has this year gone already.

    ChatSpace is for you all, a space for you to chat talk vent rant get stuff off your chest

    Share things remembering that this is a safe place, The Mighty and ChatSpace is a community full of like minded members.
    Who only have love compassion kindness giving support in their heart.

    So please say hello 🖐introduce yourself if you are new. Tell ChatSpace how you are today. Good bad or inbetween.

    Help each other out, because Our Mighty members well we are the very very best at doing this. 😘🤗❤ sharing our experiences and love for each other.

    Love n hugs Tj 😁☺️😎🐕🐶🐾😚🦄🦓🎊🎉🎀🎈☕😘🤗❤🙌

    #Chatspace #Bekind #Kindness #Vent #rant #Selfcare #compassion #Family #Friends #Hope #Bekindtoyourself #checkonyourneighbours #Anxiety #Hello #morning


    Mornings ☀️

    Many people with POTS will probably relate to the fact that mornings are so not my thing. I am a true night owl. School was always rough because I’d feel so sick in the mornings, I couldn’t even focus and sometimes I’d have to skip first period. During the summer I don’t really have to wake up at any particular time so I haven’t struggled with any morning symptoms in awhile. This morning though I wanted to have a productive day so I set my alarm for 11:00, which is so not early. I got 9 hours of sleep, I should be good. WRONG. I woke up super groggy and now I am laying on my couch suffering from overwhelming nausea and a headache. Lessons to be learned from this? I will now be living my life as a sloth 🦥 #LivingWithPOTS #POTSLife #ChronicIllness #Sleep #Spoonie #nausea #Headache #morning #Summer #Nightowl #SpoonieProblems #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome

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    What Plant is this #question #DistractMe #morning

    Good Morning Mighty Family

    It's Sunday Although when I woke up this morning I had no idea what day it was or actually what planet I was on.
    I was in such a deep sleep when my Pup Pepper decided he wanted Up this Morning.
    I didn't know what was going on 🤷‍♀️

    So my picture this morning

    It's from my Son Jake. My baby.
    🤱 (well don't tell him that) he is a strapping 6ft 19 year who lives with his best friend in a rented house. So one plant in the garden.

    One pic posted to me this morning. Mum what is growing up on that plant?
    I have my opinions and views of said plant and what it is . I'm in the UK remember. 🌾

    I have one hell of a long term memory by the way. I can file things away in my own office space in my brains memory space. Ready to get out at a moments notice. Random facts. Things I've heard or read or done. It's like a filing cabinet.

    What I did yesterday not so much. Brain fog.🤷‍♀️😕Mmm.
    😅😅😅😅😅 my dr asks me what meds I'm on. Mm hang on I need to read them. My name. Yeah give me a minute. . Turn right. Let me look at my hands to know which one is which.
    Long term I'm fine. But the rest .......................................🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬

    Ok where was I

    Oh yes plant

    What do you think it might be please. Nice overcast rainy day in the uk again. Bliss

    Love n hugs Tj ❤🥰😊🤗💞?🌦⛅🌦

    #Plants #Longtermmemory #RareDisease #CheckInWithMe #Bekind #Love #Family #Friends #Kindness #Anxiety #DepressionAndMentalHealth #ChronicIllness #nojudgement #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #Nature #BrainFog