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feeling anxious all time

Hello I am new to the mighty...I am 20 years old #female ,currently I am studying ...I am preparing for an entrance exam but I haven't studied yet a bit ....cuz for the whole year starting from may 2021 I had low self esteem and I didn't have any interest to study...so It felt like the teachers were boring ...I was fighting with myself everyday but I gave up everyday...but I want to clear that exam so badly....the exam is on 17th July 2022,now I can't even decide where to start from and what to do ....whenever I am sitting to study ....I stressed out totally that I can't even open my books....how can I start ,how can I finish it ,how can I clear the exam ....it's all stressing me out ....and also I have migraine so it is giving me an extra hard time....please someone suggest me any advice than I can start my study and clear the exam without even stressing out...please


Here, you can find other migraine warriors, offer support and ask questions.

A woman who knows about cars? No way!

I am trying to be a good person so please help me. I was talking to my boyfriend about how I saw an NA mazda miata and I thought "is it a 1.6 or a 108 liter engine" but I never stare at cars because I do not want men to think I am a "dumb woman" because I like their car. There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking a car for it's looks, but (most) men tend to think that is all a woman likes is a car's looks and color. I asked him if a man was looking at your car what would he say (he has a datsun 240z, a 94 and 91 miata, and an eagle talon)? He said if a man looked at my miata i would assume he liked the car. I continued, if a woman looked at it? He said i would say she thinks it is cute. So you can see me as the woman who saw a NA madza miata who saw that he has negative camber on his driver rear wheel and not on his passenger rear wheel would say nothing to him even at a light next him because I would not be taken seriously even though he needed to fix it if it was not his intent to have the rear wheel not in line with the other. My bf then started to disagree about how men treat woman in the car world without ever having been a woman in the car world, but he just stated he would assume a woman was looking at his car differently because she was a woman. He then showed me a (made up) hotwheels car and asked "what do you think of when you see this?" so I started counting the visible "spark plug wire connections" I counted 8 so I said It has 16 clinders and he said I was only saying that to make a point not because that is what I thought (that was what I actually thought!!!). He was not even taking what I thought into consideration and said I was making a show. I said what I thought and I was still lying somehow?
I have to deal with chronic pain, being called a redskin and sexism?
#IAcceptYou #female #WomeninProgress #WomensMentalHealthSummit #InternationalWomensDay #womenshistorymonth #Womenhelpingwomen #womenpower #Anxiety #Fibromyaliga #Fibromyalgia #Fibro


Does any other female start to feel suicidal during their monthly cycles #female #Depression #P MS

Right before my cycle, about a week or two, I start to feel very anxious, get severe migraines and nausea, and start feeling very suicidal and self harm thoughts as well as urges to drink and use. I have a history of suicide attempts, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse and am wondering if this is normal and if I should speak with my provider. Any thoughts?