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Navigating Coming Out as Neurodivergent

How do you respond if someone you have known for a long time suddenly made you aware of their neurodivergence? My friend had an awesome reaction to my own disclosure, so I thought I’d share what a supportive response looks like. The photo posted here is our conversation (posted with permission, of course!) 🤗

Always better to ask & learn something new ❤️

#Awareness #Acceptance #Support #Comingout #nd #Autistic #ADHD #Neurodiversity #neurodivergent #womensupportingwomen #InternationalWomensDay #Love #navigatingneurodivergence

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International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day.

I feel like anything I could write would pale in comparison to some of the things I’ve read by some amazing women. The poem featured is by my favorite author, Nikita Gill. I love the idea behind it. Women empowering each other. There’s nothing we can’t survive, nothing we can’t do, if we choose to lift each other up, rather than tear each other down.

She has another poem that I found fitting for today. It’s called “Why Tinkerbell Quit Anger Management”. I love it most because my borderline personality disorder makes me feel like my emotions are “too much”, like I am “too much”. And she is quick to say no. Women are taught to be quiet. Feeling is not too much. Here it is:

“I had to give up on their remedies.
They kept trying to make me less angry,
but I refuse to surrender my rage.

Because whole kingdoms have already spent
millennia trying to keep women subdued,
only to be discarded in old age.

My fury gets things done,
it has saved lives, it has made the world listen
where I could not speak, my anger has screamed.

Think Helen of Troy when they took her freedom.
Think the Rani of Jhansi leading rebellions.
Think Joan of Arc leading armies on what she dreamed.

So now I love my tinderbox heart
so easy to light up,
all it takes is half a spark.

A woman's anger can change the world,
I know mine can and this is not a gift
I will give away.

I am small and I am angry,
it is how I channel my energy
and I like me that way.”

And finally, I leave you with a quote by Hannah Gadsby:

“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who had rebuilt herself”.

This is what I am becoming. I’ve been broken down, and I am rebuilding myself. I will be a force to be reckoned with.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay


A woman who knows about cars? No way!

I am trying to be a good person so please help me. I was talking to my boyfriend about how I saw an NA mazda miata and I thought "is it a 1.6 or a 108 liter engine" but I never stare at cars because I do not want men to think I am a "dumb woman" because I like their car. There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking a car for it's looks, but (most) men tend to think that is all a woman likes is a car's looks and color. I asked him if a man was looking at your car what would he say (he has a datsun 240z, a 94 and 91 miata, and an eagle talon)? He said if a man looked at my miata i would assume he liked the car. I continued, if a woman looked at it? He said i would say she thinks it is cute. So you can see me as the woman who saw a NA madza miata who saw that he has negative camber on his driver rear wheel and not on his passenger rear wheel would say nothing to him even at a light next him because I would not be taken seriously even though he needed to fix it if it was not his intent to have the rear wheel not in line with the other. My bf then started to disagree about how men treat woman in the car world without ever having been a woman in the car world, but he just stated he would assume a woman was looking at his car differently because she was a woman. He then showed me a (made up) hotwheels car and asked "what do you think of when you see this?" so I started counting the visible "spark plug wire connections" I counted 8 so I said It has 16 clinders and he said I was only saying that to make a point not because that is what I thought (that was what I actually thought!!!). He was not even taking what I thought into consideration and said I was making a show. I said what I thought and I was still lying somehow?
I have to deal with chronic pain, being called a redskin and sexism?
#IAcceptYou #female #WomeninProgress #WomensMentalHealthSummit #InternationalWomensDay #womenshistorymonth #Womenhelpingwomen #womenpower #Anxiety #Fibromyaliga #Fibromyalgia #Fibro

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#InternationalWomensDay  m

To every woman who

🌟breaks barriers
🌟smashes stereotypes
🌟disrupts the system
🌟speaks up for equality
🌟demands justice
🌟fights for human rights,

You inspire us every day.
This day is for you


#InternationalWomensDay #empoweringwomen #wearenotalone

This is for every woman who's ever doubted herself!
The woman that looks in the mirror an begs God to change the reflection she sees.
To the woman who's isolated herself an pushed loved ones away, because depression has convince her she's been beat.
For the mother that feels like she's failed her babies, because we aren't like the momma's we see on T.V.
I'm talking to the women that who spend to much time in the bathroom, because she has a bottle hidden under the sink.
To the beautiful women with nothing, so they sell their bodies cheap.
Let's lift up the girl who was dope Fein sexy, but woke up one day begging God for the strength to change her ways!!!

I have struggled with so many things! I've went to sleep so many nights, telling myself I had to run from my demons because nobody in the world can relate!!!!

2020 I will no longer pay for my past mistakes!



Even if this is only for today .... I feel some self worth today ! Feeling strong and positive ! I know this will fade ....but for today I wish all of you ladies a great day and to have a wonderful day on this #InternationalWomensDay ! Happy Friday everyone !

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We’re Always Phenomenal

But today, ladies - let’s OWN it!

(Guys, you’re going to be phenomenal Nov. 19. Use this time to get ready for it. 👍🏼)

#MentalHealth #WomensHealth #InternationalWomensDay #Disability #ChronicIllness #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether


Happy #InternationalWomensDay 💪

To all of the ladies out there who are going through tough stuff - never forget what a goddess and warrior you are. I see you fighting. I see you healing, rebuilding and growing. And I see you using your voice so others women out there feel supported and loved. You make an impact, today and every day.

Send a message of encouragement to all of the badass women in your life (or to yourself) in the comments below.

#MentalHealth  #Depression  #Anxiety  #EatingDisorders  #ChronicIllness  #Cancer  #BreastCancer  #Parenting  #RareDisease  #Disability  #EhlersDanlosSyndrome  #Migraine  #Recovery  #CheckInWithMe  #Grief  #Suicide  #PTSD #AbuseSurvivors

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Happy International Women’s Day! #CheckInWithMe #InternationalWomensDay

“Strong woman” means every woman ever💕 we are all strong in our own way and that makes us unique. We shall not stand any type of violence ✨ let us speak out as every other citizen and (at least regarding the place I live in, Peru 🇵🇪) let us do something about it to stop women violence, discrimination in the workplace and sexual harassment in the streets.

*this day does not make us “better” or superior than men, we’re celebrating equality: we’re all amazing and stronger than yesterday, men and women, and we all deserve love and affection. If you chose not to believe in this day, do not leave a negative comment for the ones that do believe it or celebrate it today🤞🏼

Peru has been declared as one of the most dangerous countries for women. Each year, the number of women who are victim of physical, psychological and sexual violence increases. In 2017, there were 81,009. In two months (this year) there has already been 25 murders, all of them are women. Please raise awareness of this and maybe one day my country would be able to celebrate the international Women’s day as we properly should: feeling free and save of any type of violence. If you wish to leave a comment, you’re more than welcome to💕