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#fibromylagia jobs

Hi fellow warriors. Im at that point where there is a big possibility that I will need to return to work. I was wondering what typw of jobs you do that are not too hard on your body and don’t cause you to flare. Need your help! #ChronicIllness

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#fibromylagia awareness day

Today is #FibromyalgiaAwarenessDay I was wondering if you are doing anything special? I plan on wearing purple and advocate. #InvisibleIllness


#fibromylagia friends

Looking to have a fibro buddy to help keep me accountable and who understands the symptoms. Would be really nice to have someone to talk to every day 😭


#fibromylagia handicap sign

Does anyone know if one can get a handicap sign for their vehicle if they are diagnosed with fibromylagia?


My Fibromyalgia makes it difficult to go up and down stairs. How do other people with fibromyalgia handle stairs? #fibromylagia

I go slow up and down stairs doing a side step or crab walk. #Fibromyaliga


No doctor can tell me anything at this point #Fibromyalgia

Idk how long a doctor has been practicing, how many Phd’s they have, or what their speciality is. I’ve been in this body for almost 30 years and every intuition I’ve had concerning it has been right (men are another matter entirely). When my cramps suddenly got 1000 times worse when I was 10 and dozens of doctors told me it was “just cramps” and wrote scripts for BC, I knew it wasn’t normal (#Endometriosis ).
When I started having shortness of breath and terrible dizziness with even the littlest bit of activity and the ER told me I had vertigo, despite NEVER having inner ear problems and it being about 10 years since I’d been on a plane, I knew he just didn’t know what it was and was trying to get me out of there (#Anemia ).
And last year, when I started having terrible back pain I knew it wasn’t just a pulled muscle and I knew I needed an x-ray despite a resident telling me they don’t do them for most of the time because most of the time it was for simple reasons (#Scoliosis )
And you know what? This new shortness of breath? I knew it wasn’t anxiety, even though I do have that. I know what panic attacks feel like and it happens when I’m perfectly calm. It happens when I’m tired, which is often, due to my freaking #fibromylagia . Forgive me if this sounds bitter but doctors make up stuff, and they go to whatever makes the most sense to them even if there’s really no context for it. Trust your body and what it tells you, over everything else.
Also thank you to everyone who comments on my posts asking about symptoms, for your advice and insight. Y’all are wonderful.


Been a While Since Posting, Struggling a Little the Now 🌼


Been absent from here the past few weeks. Everything's seeming more and more unmanageable with my #fibromylagia . I'm doing good with asking for help, getting enough sleep and not over working myself to a flare up. But I can't deny this is getting more difficult on my own. I'm constantly exhausted, I feel like I've not had rest in weeks now but it's fatigue not sleep disturbance. Every single day is a massive chore just to take care of myself in the most basic of ways and my mental health is beginning to suffer because of it.

Self care is the main thing that keeps me in recovery and not in relapse. But I don't have the time because I'm constantly totally exhausted and I have my puppy to care for. Yesterday I just cried, the world was falling down in front of my eyes and all I could do was rest and watch as it happened. My #BipolarDisorder is starting to swing and that's aggravating my #EatingDisorders , I feel very triggered right now.

But all I can do is just keep going, I know I'll push through today like I do every other. I am drained, I'm in pain and I need to sort out my head and my meals. I know I need help but I don't know what with exactly; first thing you get asked is by anyone is what you need help with. I don't have the answers to that yet.

I just know if I don't want to relapse, I can't keep having the weight of all this on my shoulders ✨