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#finding solutions that are temporary assistance to remove my anxiety

I never know when my anxiety will come to life. DBT helps me alot

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Todays post is called Finding myself again within my Cerebral Palsy. I've been in Physical Therapy for about 3 weeks and I can truly say that since I've been in Physical therapy I feel like I'm finding myself again within myCerebral Palsy. Yesterday was the first time in about two years that I beat my movement goal and closed all my rings on my Apple watch .I never thought that I would see that happen for the longest time. I literally felt like crying when I saw those notifications come up. My therapist Jaclyn told me that I was the hardest working client that she has ever worked with that had Cerebral Palsy because I'm always up for a challenge no mater how big or small it is and I always want to strive to do better . I 'm beginning to set life long goals for myself and my Cerebral Palsy with the help of Jaclyn and my TEAM OF CHAMPIONS.I know that as long as I continue to believe and achieve I 'm on my way to great things and that is how I'm finding myself again within my Cerebral Palsy.


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Ever wonder what it takes to make a book cover?

The photo you're looking at now became the front cover to my book. Before it was a book cover, it was a photograph snapped while I paraglided in Nepal. Before that, I had to relearn how to walk. Before that, I woke up from a surgery and was told I would be paralyzed for the rest of my life. Rewind from there, back to the start... I told my dog Mac I'd see him later that day, after a quick doctor's appointment about a bad headache.

The photo you're looking at now is so much more than a snapshot of one moment. It represents a culmination of overcoming challenges, beating odds, and fighting to find my way forward. It symbolizes the journey of reconnecting with my body after a life-altering trauma. This photo, in short, is so much more than a book cover... but at the time this photo was snapped, I had no idea what was coming. As I look ahead now, I still have no idea what is on the horizon. How exciting!

You can check out FINDING FORWARD: YOU HAVE THE WILL WITHIN where books are sold!

#FindingForward #BookCover #Survivor #Motivation #Dailyinspiration #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #Stroke #FindingForward #finding


Fighting depression once again

#Feeling numb for the first time #heavy hearted
#finding life's a struggle of stress
#Feeling lost in my emotions
#why does it have to be this hard when I mean well?


#finding a new home Vs a paranoid split

Running away is usually my number 1 go to when things are not good. Having a difficult time being at my flat/apartment, I hate it there, it's full of bad memories all over..

Almost died a lot of times in that place , moving on becomes hard if you keep being swallowed by old memories.

Not really sure what my next step is, but something has to give.



Tangled Life #finding clarity #making a plan #evaluating pri

For so long now I feel like my life is hopelessly tangled up in knots. So, though it has seemed overwhelming, my first priority is to take baby steps in going about setting manageable and realistic priorities. I have to start somewhere!
#CheckInWithMe #finding clarity #priorities #keep it simple