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Question about Fibromyalgia diagnosis by Naturopathic Doctor

After trying for 3 years with Western doctors, I’ve been going to a Naturopathic doctor who diagnosed me with heavy metal toxicity (Lead & Mercury), Fibromyalgia, and Mold. Glutathione numbers were also lower recently. I also have chronic rash in body folds. I have had chronic lower back pain since a fall in a roller skating push in my early 20’s. I had a hysterectomy & cateract surgery on both eyes before I suddenly lost strength in my limbs within 2 days of each other. By 3 years was bedridden for 6-8 hours with vibrating tingling like having head opened up and dandruff shampoo pour in going all through my body. Overwhelming chronic fatigue. Odd pain issues but not all the time. Fatigue the most pronounced not pain. ATP Fuel, Glutathione and Clay detox with other things help. It’s been 7 1/2 years now and Now able to have Physical Therapy. I’ve seen a symptom wheel and have had most of them some before 7 1/2 years ago. Don’t know if those would count.?

?Has anybody else been diagnosed Fibromyalgia and not had daily all over pain? Where you had earlier pain like my lower back kind of issue?

? Does the other symptoms seem to accompany - like heavy metal & mold common? All of it just feels so crazy. Really trying to get to having more of a life. Really struggle to go sugar free even for two weeks to try getting rid of the rash.

I’d appreciate your experience here. Thanks for the only place I found others who understand. #Fibromyalgia #heavy metals toxicity #mold #BackPain #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigue



I’m new here though I’ve been reading what I can sometimes as a visitor until now. I had all come on me all of a sudden first arms then days days later legs were so weak I was nearly crawling down the hall. I’ve come a great deal along in almost 7 years with the help of Naturopathic doctor. The Neurologist I saw had me tested for Myasthenia gravis Which I didn’t have and so many other things I don’t have. The ND only one seeing anything one tests. Days like today make me wonder though. I’m dealing with Chronic illness and the wind outside is knocking my body down while I’m inside the house. I’ve spent most of the day on the couch most laying down and the accompanying brain fog even with products in me. I’ve spent some of it crying, which lead me to sign up here. I’m sure many here can relate. I’m fairly newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I also get chronic fatigue with it. Test also have shown Heavy Metal Toxicity. Also have ADD challenges which makes deal with the rest harder. I’m hoping to have a visitor today that maybe willing to help me prepare some protein for easier throw together meals these next couple of windy days. I’m trying to get some healthful helpful food in me. #Fibromyalgia #heavy Metal Toxcity #chronic Fatigue ADHD/ADD


Drowning into the dark abyss

Drowning into the dark abyss......

Slowly drowning

Into the deep, deep, deep murky water

Cold, quiet, oh so very quiet

kind of peaceful in a way

The bottom is heavy

with silt & weeds

The weeds are thick and

tangle around my feet,

pulling me further into the abyss of darkness.

Georgie Mckinley 2021

#depressed #sad #tears #heavy heart

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You gotta be strong, blah blah blah...

Do you ever just want to smack someone that just keeps telling you this? Ok, maybe not smack but at least tell them where to go with that? I always appreciate the words and the thoughts behind it but sometimes I just need a break from being strong. Like, “exit stage left”. Seriously.

Makes me think of an amazing song from #LinkinPark . The last one #ChesterBennington sang appropriately named Heavy. “I’m holding on, why is everything so heavy, I’m holding on to so much more than I can carry”

Some days are just better than others... some days your just tired of strong.

#Gastroparesis #fybromyalga #Anxiety #deppresion #ParkinsonsDisease #LinkinPark #heavy


Fighting depression once again

#Feeling numb for the first time #heavy hearted
#finding life's a struggle of stress
#Feeling lost in my emotions
#why does it have to be this hard when I mean well?


I was wondering what's yalls favorite song?

I have Spotify, and the YTmusic ..also download songs all the time.. what's your go to song? we love country music, my husband he's about the old school country. my kids they love #lukebryan #fgl #lukecombs I love them as well .. but I grew up listening to #TheTemptations and many others but I also like #HipHop #rock #heavy metal like #metallica .anyways ..who or what do you listen to ...#Music ?


Does anyone with vestibular migraines or fibromyalgia sleep 16 hours. #Vertigo #heavy head #Weak body #blocked ears? !

I believe it's related to change in weather. Literally nothing can wake me. Missed work and chiropractor massage today. Finally became coherent after non stop sleeping 16 hours but still exhausted, vertigo, crying, trouble speaking and expressing thoughts. I take calcium channel blockers daily but weather changes have caused this to happen 6 times this month. I'm at a loss. Is it the fibro fog, the vestibular migraines, the stress, depression? Usually can't sleep when you have fibro but I've been having what I call comatose episodes weekly.

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Songs that display urgent action needed

Ever since the death of Chester, this song has nailed deeply into our hearts and soul.
Shall there be anyone share with you about this song, it may be a state of emergency.
Understand the lyrics, as they are not expressive.
Talk to them
#heavy by Linkin Park