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Innocence Lost

innocence Lost
In the wake of childhood abuse
She lost part of herself
She cannot remember how to connect
She's learned to hide so well

They told her she was worthless
And used her like a toy
Because in the darkness of her room
Daddy is not a good boy

So she learns to separate herself
She cannot hope to survive the pain
She gets lost in her minds eye
Another victim there to darkness reign

And even though she passed the trial
And found justice in the end
Sometimes just the slightest word
Will find her in that darkness again

Forgive while she tries to learn
How to trust beyond the tears
How to believe in anything
Or know that love still cares

But don't weep for her my love
In tempering she grew strong
And found a voice that was all her own
To carry her dreams along

Now she works towards an open mind
And a chance for a true heart
A gentle soul to hold her close
To fill the empty parts

And she believes someday
Another will hold her ever so tight
The darkness will no longer hold sway
And she will find peace tonight...JK
#ComplexPTSD #findyourvoice

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