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Fibro Fog

So yesterday I went on a work trip with a colleague she drove and we talked about a number of things. And there were several times my mind just went blank and I couldn't remember the word I wanted it was so embarrassing. I hate fibro fog and I've only just remembered I have an allergy to Nickel in Jewellery and I was trying to tell her but nope could not remember that it's nickel that brought me out in a horrible allergic reaction 🫣🙈🤦🏼‍♀️fibro fog can do one anyone else got any good stories #Fibromyalgia #fibrowarrior #FibroFog #BrainFog #Forgetful

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Kicking myself #Forgetful

I forgot to pay the water bill, and now it's shut off. Waiting on husband to come get the check and drop it off. I can't do it because I'm babysitting. 😯😐🤦‍♀️



I think my stress and anxiety mixed with the fact I keep getting sick lately have caused me to be a bit forgetful and oblivious I’d something. I keep leaving things behind in places where I will never get them back (because stupid college students don’t turn anything in to lost and found).
this morning, I find myself locked out of my house and my running car, waiting for someone to be available to come help me because I can’t mentally handle calling a complete stranger to break into my car for me, especially when I know my best friend has a spare key and she gets off work in a half hour, only a half mile away from where I am.
so I’m sitting outside while it’s snowing, grateful I put on my better coat and hat today, wishing I wasn’t such a mess.

but at least my car will be warm when I finally get inside, and it’s kind of satisfying to watch the snow melt off the windows...
#Anxiety #oblivious #Forgetful


How to stop forgetting everything?

I feel like I'm forgetting important things more and more. I dont stay focused enough to remember where I put stuff down or even what people ssay. I lose my keys constantly, my phone even my glasses after putting it down for a quick minute. I end up spiralling out of control when I cant remember anything. I tend to loathe myself more because I even remember normal things. #Forgetful #focus #Depression


Mental Projection Cataract Haze

Have you ever got the feeling
when you’re interacting with someone –
Trying to listen to what they say,
but you’re spaced out in a daze –
Like your mental projection
suffers from a cataract haze?

That’s what mental illness is like for me at times:
Depression; Anxiety; Brain Fog; Slow Processing, Forgetfulness…
A scratchy, opaque dragon scale
that covers my thoughts
and it’s a battle to break through.

Maybe it’s self-absorption?
Where conversation is littered with a dusty mind filter -
“How is this going to affect me?”
I can’t control it though, at least, I don’t think so.
Is it purely selfishness, or something else entirely?

It’s not an excuse.
Trying to explain it must make me sound crazy.

How do you separate the illness from the character flaws?
I have both.
Where is the healing line
between psychotherapy and social skills (or lack thereof)?

It’s raw, it’s real, it’s messy.
It likely changes your opinion of me
to read it, see it.
I’m messy. I don’t have it all together.

© Mark Bryant  19 May 2019


Forgetfulness due to anxiety

Is it just me but with my anxiety I lose the count of days I forget if it’s Tuesday or Friday. With my anxiety I struggle to remember what happened yesterday because it feels like a blurred memory. Anybody else feel this I don’t want to be alone on this super scary feeling of forgetfulness. #Anxiety #Depression #Forgetful #PanicAttack