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13 years after L5/S1 Lumbar Fusion...Collapsed L4 & L5...what would you do?

Good day back pain community,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is J...I am 42 years old...fell off a ladder when I was 20 and had a lumbar fusion in 2009 to fuse my L5/S1.

13 years after the fusion, the above two discs have experienced quite a bit of wear and tear. It appears that the L4 and L5 have completely collapsed.

My question for the community is, has anyone experienced something similar? And what have they done surgery wise? I think it would be clear to say that am beyond any over the counter remedies. 😂

I haven't met with my orthopedic surgeon yet to discuss the options, but I would like to hear of any success/horror stories prior to my appointment. I come from a medical family so I have heard the gamut from the MD's in my family...however, none of the MD's have had to undergo anything like a fusion.

If any MD's are reading this, I would love to hear from you as well.

Here is a link to my CT Scan...


Here is a link to my MRI...


A plethora of appreciation to anyone that takes the time to respond. 😁🙏


#spine #BackPain #ChronicPain #Fusion #Backsurgery

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The story of “my persecutor” and how my ISH saved her.

This was a part of my fusion story, my persecutor alter “B” was once a protector and damned herself because of shame and what she experienced with my trauma, she felt alone and told herself she was a monster. My internal self helper, “Elizabeth” told her a story about how brave and strong she was to face everything in the beginning by herself and how she was never alone. I cried for B for also entire month. I felt her redemption and the love bond between the two, I felt so complete, two pieces of me in unity and peace. Unconditional love.

#DID #osdd #DIDSystem #alters #Fusion #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #ISH #mystory


Has anyone with #EhlersDanlosSyndrome been able to find a way to put their #sacroiliac #Joint #dislocations back in place?

I've been in severe pain for 4 days now. (it was 'just moderate' before) I haven't slept, I keep vomiting because of the pain. Even morfine combined with NSAID's doesn't help.
My #POTS is all over the place because of all the meds and not being able to drink enough.
My physical therapist tried to put the SI joint back, which seemed to help but after an hour it just popped back out of place. I've been in an out the doctor's office... They have no idea what else to try.
I feel so tired and hopeless since no one seems to have a solution...
I'd love to hear any suggestions, also on prevention.
Anyone who had a #Fusion done?


What is the most cost effective wireless TENS unit for lower back pain/leg pain #Fusion #BackPain #TENSunit #Neuropathy

In June 2018 I had an ALIF of L5/S1. I have groin pain, toes, shins, bottom of my feet, sciatic, etc.  I have a TENS unit with electrical leads that often snag on things when I walk around, sometimes rendering the pads useless once they peel from my back and onto my clothing.  Looking for something cost effective that will be robust enough to be used regularly.  Thank you in advance!



I overdid things yesterday. For some reason I felt really good and my pain levels weren’t out of control. But today, omg. I couldn’t move and I’m still struggling. And then I find out that my daughter has an orchestra concert tonight. How will I do this???? #ChronicPain #SpineProblem #Fusion