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    spinal fusion surgery

    Im looking for anyone who has cared for someone who went through a spinal fusion. Please

    #SpinalFusion #Backsurgery #Recovery


    Do you regret back surgery?

    If you do please tell me why? If you don't, did it really help and makes your life easier? Tell me a little bit about your story.

    I'm 26 years old and I have 5 bad discs...
    #Backsurgery #BackPain #bulgingdiscs #Herniatedisc


    back surgery

    seriously considering #Backsurgery. my pain is chronic, and it interferes with my life and my job. missed work today so I wouldn’t have to move. it’s her miserable. any advice?

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    TENS Unit

    I was at a high level of pain today. In the time it took for the pain killer to kick in, I tried calling every Dr. I have. The phone lines were down but I managed to leave a message. I was crying as usual cause I'm scared and in pain. I told the lady who answered the phone that I ordered a TENS Unit cause I have no time left off work. I can't afford a new pain management specialist and I live an hour away from the closest who accepts my insurance. I can't breathe or function when it gets this bad. I just need some relief. I so wanted to be free of pain but not die at that moment. But I don't know how long I can make it like this. I thought I was doing the right thing now I'm back in worse pain with no extra money, piles of bills due and my back feeling like it's on fire. Maybe I should try sleeping on my stomach. I just can't believe this is my world. I don't know how I'll pay for the supplies that I need. I just know that I need some help amd fast. I can't get a good pain reliever and I have proof of my pain. #ChronicPain #BackPain #Backsurgery #imscared #I'mtired #ineedsomerelief #laminectomy #Lumbarfusion


    I'm in a huge flare 😞 Need encouragement

    I've been in a huge flare for nearly 2 months and yesterday it has put me to the point I can barely walk and stand. I've been taking pain meds and muscle relaxers and ice packs and TENS unit. When I do go to sleep, i sleep for no more than 15 minutes at a time. The pain is waking me up. I cant seem to get any rest. I'm going back to the surgeon on the December 31 to go over new MRI. Im scared I might need a fusion. I had surgery last April L3 L4 decompression, cartilage shaved and bone spurs. I have loose facet joints. I Had L4 L5 surgery several years ago. #BackPain #Flares #ChronicPain #Insomnia #PainMedication #icepacks #TENSunit #Depression #sciatica #lossoflegcontol #Bursitis #Backsurgery #exhausted #DDD

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    Abandoned In Pain

    Three weeks ago I had MAJOR back surgery, like major. I was in the hospital for a week, with uncontrolled pain despite a PCA, and now have been home for two weeks. I am very restricted on activities and most of my time is spent in bed. When I do get up, it’s with a walker. I have had one visitor... one. My best friend who lives only three blocks away has basically ghosted me. She hasn’t stopped by, hasn’t dropped off a card or flowers or anything, and has responded to one text message. I don’t have many friends due to a few years of being off work with not just my back but horrible daily migraines, but there are a few other people who I thought would slightly care. My only social interaction is through text with a good friend who is a province away from me, and one friend in the US. My mom is in another city, but did come stay for a week when I got out of the hospital. My husband has been working partially from home and partially having to still be out, and I don’t see a lot of him. He has been helping to take care of me... I have a walker, raised toilet seat, bed rail, shower chair, grabbers, etc. He is great, but I long to have a friend... and I cry every day about my best friend, especially when I did so much for her after she had her baby last year. Busy, fine, but responding to a text isn’t that hard. Right now I feel like I could literally disappear from the world and no one would notice. I’ve lived with depression, anxiety, PTSD and BPD for a long time, and those suicidal thoughts are creeping in so badly. The physical pain is so bad and I have a ton of pain and numbness in my left leg. I was told by my pain coach to focus on myself and healing, but I can’t seem to do that. There is only so much I can distract myself with Netflix, books, and cross stitch.

    I just feel so lonely and abandoned. What is the point of this? Thanks for reading.
    #SpinalFusion #Backsurgery #Abandoned #Pain #alone #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SuicidalThoughts #ChronicMigraines


    Hi, I have Arachnoiditis and it’s been really bad since April. Besides all my other symptoms, I have a new symptom that’s so disturbing-Thank you

    Around my L2 -3 level, it feels like I have an electric current or maybe 100 spiders crawling around inside my spine. It’s not extremely painful, but it’s the feeling of something moving around , twitching, zapping- it’s not the typical nerve zings, it’s like an electrical zapping or current inside my spine in that area. Drs look at me like I’m insane when describe it. Has anyone else had this please? Anyone else also have this- legs go numb on and off, twitching, get cold, have searing pain, pins& needles, leg dragging, loss of movements? I feel so scared &alone though my family is great #AdhesiveArachnoiditis #Arachnoiditis #ChronicSpinePain #SpinalStenosis #Backsurgery #nerveablation #BackPain


    Does anyone have tips or tricks to help with weight gain after surgery ? #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #BackPain #Backsurgery #SpinalStenosis #DegenerativeDiscDisease

    It’s been super hard to keep off the lbs when you can’t do much. Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated ☺️

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    #EDS #CheckInWithMe #Backsurgery #POTS

    My buddy Caden keeps me company when I get home from surgery or the hospital. He keeps me warm, rubbing his back and belly keeps my hands busy and moving. I love him!

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