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#Dr .Ho'sTherapyBelt #TENSunit #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #migriane #physicallyexhausted #relief

This unit was gifted to me over the weekend
It is way better then the tens unit I recieved throu Insurance from MVA ( passenger).
Here's hoping for some relief , even if momentarily.
BTW, thankful that I was able to post a pic, been way too long app won't always allow me too 🤨😐😑😶


What’s your favorite TENS unit?

I had an AccuRelief TENS unit that I have loved for years, that decided to die on me tonight. I’m looking for a replacement and a little overwhelmed by how many options there are! Does anyone have a favorite unit they would recommend? I primarily use it for my neck and shoulders, and ideally want a battery operated option so I don’t have to worry about if it’s charged when I need it. Easy to order replacement electrodes would be great too, since they lose stick over time. #ChronicPain #TENSunit #Painrelief #Recommendations #Fibromyaliga

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TENS unit suggestions

For those who use a #TENSunit for #PainManagement or #ChronicTension which one do you recommend? And where do you get one? Also has anyone tried a portable one? I think they have them as a pen now that is easily taken on the go. #Fibro #Fibromyaliga #TENS #ChronicTension


I'm in a huge flare 😞 Need encouragement

I've been in a huge flare for nearly 2 months and yesterday it has put me to the point I can barely walk and stand. I've been taking pain meds and muscle relaxers and ice packs and TENS unit. When I do go to sleep, i sleep for no more than 15 minutes at a time. The pain is waking me up. I cant seem to get any rest. I'm going back to the surgeon on the December 31 to go over new MRI. Im scared I might need a fusion. I had surgery last April L3 L4 decompression, cartilage shaved and bone spurs. I have loose facet joints. I Had L4 L5 surgery several years ago. #BackPain #Flares #ChronicPain #Insomnia #PainMedication #icepacks #TENSunit #Depression #sciatica #lossoflegcontol #Bursitis #Backsurgery #exhausted #DDD


what is the best TENS unit for pain from the neck down to the hips? #Endometriosis #TENSunit

I need something with more than one lead/electrode. I’m in constant pain and I don’t want to load my body with medication.

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What is the most cost effective wireless TENS unit for lower back pain/leg pain #Fusion #BackPain #TENSunit #Neuropathy

In June 2018 I had an ALIF of L5/S1. I have groin pain, toes, shins, bottom of my feet, sciatic, etc.  I have a TENS unit with electrical leads that often snag on things when I walk around, sometimes rendering the pads useless once they peel from my back and onto my clothing.  Looking for something cost effective that will be robust enough to be used regularly.  Thank you in advance!