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13 years after L5/S1 Lumbar Fusion...Collapsed L4 & L5...what would you do?

Good day back pain community,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is J...I am 42 years old...fell off a ladder when I was 20 and had a lumbar fusion in 2009 to fuse my L5/S1.

13 years after the fusion, the above two discs have experienced quite a bit of wear and tear. It appears that the L4 and L5 have completely collapsed.

My question for the community is, has anyone experienced something similar? And what have they done surgery wise? I think it would be clear to say that am beyond any over the counter remedies. 😂

I haven't met with my orthopedic surgeon yet to discuss the options, but I would like to hear of any success/horror stories prior to my appointment. I come from a medical family so I have heard the gamut from the MD's in my family...however, none of the MD's have had to undergo anything like a fusion.

If any MD's are reading this, I would love to hear from you as well.

Here is a link to my CT Scan...


Here is a link to my MRI...


A plethora of appreciation to anyone that takes the time to respond. 😁🙏


#spine #BackPain #ChronicPain #Fusion #Backsurgery

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Howdy 👋

Anyone up tonight? Attempting to sleep in the recliner due to spine issues. Found out today that I’m having surgery on 3/3/23. Ugh….I just had a different spine surgery 6/22/22. This is crazy. I’m so not ready to do this again. #Insomnia #spine #Surgery #tired

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Week 3 after #spinalFusionSurgery and still in an enormous amount of pain. It is a different kind of #Pain and that gives me hope. I’d like to stop ‘what-ifing’ but I figure that has to be a normal reaction.
Has anyone else had surgery of their #spine ? If yes, how did it go? #SpinalStenosis #DDD

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Has anyone had cervical myelopahy? If so how was it treated

I'm weighing the pros and cons of surgery vs nonsurgical options to treat severe cervical myelopahy #Cervicalmyelopathy #spine


Coping during Covid19

Spinal pain does not stop nor can it be ignored during this time of physical isolation. Like everyone else I am concern about the Coronavirus, my family, the economy and so much more. The stress of the unknown and instability just weighs on the body like a truck. And for those of us suffering from spinal pain it just makes the pain so much worse. That combined with having to stay home with very little mobility it’s a recipe for painful disaster.

That’s why I am being very intentional about staying as active as possible while still maintaining physical distancing. For me I chose to continue my physical therapy at home on my own based on what I remember from my therapy sessions as well as doing core exercises. All I need is a mat, 2 lbs weights and bands. I also go for walks every day to strengthen my heart and get some cardio. Lastly I am very selective with what I eat by avoiding foods that cause inflammation like dairy, gluten and sugars. I also increased in my diet things like ginger, mint, turmeric, spirulina, fish and avocado.

Staying physically active in conjunction with reading, praying and journaling is helping me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically which reduces my pain. I recommend that those dealing with spinal pain or any physical pain, try to stay active. Find what works for you, whether yoga, floor exercises, walking, meditation or any other way to keep your body active. There are great videos on all types of physical activities on uTube. Do a little research on which ones you want to try then set up a daily routine for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. #COVID19 #spinehealth #spine #Fitness #quarantine #SpinalPain


Why wasn’t I told?

I was reviewing the online records from my recent ER visit and below my back and chest X-ray it said “spinal degeneration noted”. No one said anything. I have terrible back pain and no one thought to mention I have spinal degeneration??? That feels significant.
#BackPain #spine #ChronicSpinePain

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Spine Pain?

Chronic spine pain? What is your latest "go-to" item that helps you feel better?
Lotions, creams, heat, ice, meds, massage, gadget - name your current #1 below.
#ChronicPain  #spine #RareDisease  #degeneration   #stenosis   #Nerves   #muscles  #patients   #Parents  #Kids  #adults   #ache   #stiff  #shock  #zap   #spasms   #vertebrae #Spinefusion #congenitalfusion


Resting but not liking it

In a lot of pain today. I need to be inside taking it easy which is hard for me. I love being outside and on a sunny day like today it’s frustrating. I know I have to take it slow when my pain flares up, but it sure sucks. I was told to slow down when i feel horrible - or I could end up needing more spine surgery. I used to force myself to do more, to exercise though severe pain - even when I felt so horrible I would become physically sick. I can’t live that way anymore.
#ChronicPain #spine #selfcare