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    When being #Undiagnosed makes your #Depression worse.

    ***Trigger Warning*** Eating/Weight loss

    I've been dealing with an undiagnosed issue that my #Gastroenterologist has been trying to figure out. but that has included throwing #medications at me that don't work, has ordered testing that isn't providing answers. I started seeing her in September at my husband's request after he noticed my eating basically stopped to half a meal a day and resulting in throwing up and my new clothes were hanging off me. I've been tested for #Gastroparesis #AutoimmuneHepatitis and all my blood work was normal, in September. I'm bruising for no reason, I've lost over 50lbs since this all started, the fatigue is so real, confusion is the worst and now I have to sit through #Thanksgiving and watch everyone eat while I choke down a few bites and excuse myself while I go throw up. No one in my family gets it and I'm scared. No one understands the fear, the fear that this is all going to end up with me in the hospital. I'm trying so hard to keep that from happening but this body I'm in's not the body I know. I've heard what people think of my sudden, drastic weight loss. They think it's drugs, cancer, an eating disorder. I feel so alone and unable to stand up for myself because I feel like I can barely physically stand unaided anymore.


    Stress & GI Issues #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Gastroparesis #Gastroenterologist #Stress #GIDiseases #GERD

    I have a Hiatal Hernia and GERD due to the hernia. If you also have been diagnosed with these two conditions, do you find that stress makes your symptoms worse? What do you do to help them?