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#Going thru changes and I’m scared

I’ve text recently, sorry to rehash. I rarely have a good day where I feel on top of my game, able to concentrate and not too emotional over trivial things. I search for words more frequently and conversations with husband is getting harder for me. He’s sweet and waits to see if I can explain myself. I am older, mid 60s and have a few medical issues that I faithfully take meds for and take care of myself. I excersize and sleep ok etc. I’m a bit sort tempered because of my difficulties explaining myself and defensive too. I hate myself these days. This Christmas my sons and families will visit and will see my struggle. I hope they aren’t angry that I haven’t shared this. I text and email and don’t phone so they don’t know. I feel like I’m becoming a shell of my former self, just a year ago I was more clear, not any more. I have told drs and therapist, no one seems concerned right now. Mostly my being emotional and defensive is the worst part, I want to hide as I can’t seem to control it. Thanks for listening


#Going to lose my mind over my my depression

I’m deeply saddened and depressed about my wife and I not being together and she wants to be separated from me and for the reason she is mentally not loving or caring about herself and I am and I feel very lonely and depressed and have major depression and bipolar disorder which doesn’t help matters. I don’t know what to do or say.


Anyone Else Suffer This? #Anxiety

I just moved and when I sit in our living room I get INCREDIBLY itchy.

Only in the living room.
We tested for bugs and found none.

I'm so itchy I'm miserable. I can't sit in our living room.

Is this a weird symptom of anxiety?
Does anyone else have a problem like this?
Am I crazy?

#Anxiety #itchy #Going crazy #symptoms



Todays thought is about going for what ever goals you want in life. My motto is if you believe you will achieve. Ive had many goals that I have set for myself with the help of physical therapists and doctors. I didn't always achieve my goals that I set for myself right away and that's ok. When I finally did achieve a goal that myself and my team set for me I literally felt like I won a gold medal. there truly is no better feeling .final thought keep looking toward your goals



Helpful Words? #Beauty #terror #Hope #strength # #salvation #keep #Going

Maybe these words have been posted on already? If so, here they are again.

Keep going everyone 😊

"Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

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Toddlers are way too smart.#howtokeepup

NEVER knew I would have a 4 year old in my life#four years old#Going on 14#
#Parenting #


#Going back to work

I am a dental assistant and my office is reopening for on Monday. I am afraid to go back and be so close to people even though we will have the proper PPE on. Having fibromyalgia, it takes me so much longer to get over being sick. I am very concerned. My employer says he understands and will hire a temporary for 2 weeks. Is that long enough I ask myself?? Both my parents have COPD and I haven’t been able to hug them for 6 weeks! I am just really frustrated about reopening. I just think it’s too soon! I realize there are people out there that are really strapped, but.......and I just want to say THIS SUCKS and my anxiety is through the roof !!! Thanks for listening!!! Diana

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Junk Pile ##

#Going to work on tidying up my counter tops #Photo hanging # get jigsaw puzzle out from last winter# try to complete it

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#keep #Going

No matter what ur feeling everything will be fine in the end!
I am sharing with u all the positive vibes💖💖