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Ironically no deep breathing is helping

I’ve been trying deep breathing for non-stop chest tightness the past 2 weeks severe anxiety that I haven’t felt for such a long period and bodily sensations before, but I got more panicky when I tried breathing techniques and nothing would help how it usually would, I think ironically at the moment just not doing it at all might be helping more. Instead of being frustrated and panicked feeling hopeless it’s not working. #Breathing #panic #hopeless #body #symptoms #shortnessofbreath #chesttightness #ChestPain #past2weeks

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Hating when my #symptoms won't end #

#Anxiety I really really hate it these days because my symptoms never want to end. One thing happens, then after some time that goes away and something else comes and takes its place. Last night I went to bed with a knot in my stomach and it was still there this morning. Now it has gone and my neck and head are bothering me. There is never a break anymore like there was a few weeks ago. I would have issues, but they were mild or I hardly noticed them. Now I just get a constant barrage of things going on one after another. I had to take a Xanax last Sunday because my body started to shake and shiver and after over 3 hours it wouldn't stop. It helped a lot for a few days but now I feel like I need another one. And I only have one left. I have my second appointment with a therapist on Monday and I hope I can figure out what the next steps are and get to better days. If I could just get some relief even for a day or two so I can catch my breath so to speak it wouldn't feel so bad. It helps to vent here so thanks for listening to anyone who reads this.

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Is there anyone out there diagnosed with BPD and experiencing everything just 5 times more intense on their PMS ? It’s basically BDSM . I used to take mood stabilizers and SSRI and, lithium for a short time. I’m not taking medication due to the long term side effects instead I’m studying clinical psychology. Sometimes I get so drowned in knowledge that it becomes overwhelming ( I have astigmatism so it’s also hard to stare at the screen ). Anyway, is there anyone like me ? Could you please share your experiences and tips to cope with symptoms ? #BPD #PMS #symptoms #MentalHealth #mood

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Dealing with symptoms and family members...

Hi everybody! Hope you're doing well. I would appreciate some comments about something: when I started to experience symptoms like irritability, I used to be all the time with a bad face, and sometimes I yelled my family members for simple things. They used to feel attacked by this, and I tried to explain to them that it was because I was in a period of very bad depression, I asked them to try not to take it personally, and that because I was very irritable, I asked them to try not to talk to me while I was in that state, until I was better... I used to thought that it was a responsable way to deal with it, because those symptoms wasn't going to end anytime soon, so I tried to evoid contact. Even with the explanations, some family members said that I was being rude to them because of the grumpy face, or because they insisted in talking to me while I was like that and I yelled them. When I got better, some family members resented me, and I felt terribly and guilty because of it. When I'm not in a severe episode of depression, I don't use to yell, and can function normally. Anyone has deal with something like this? Some thoughts about this? #Family #symptoms #Guilt #communicating

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Talk About It Tuesday: Diabetes & Excessive Thirst

Did you experience excessive thirst as a symptom of your diabetes?

Saw this question last week on social media and thought this would be a great question to ask the community.

In the comments, answer in emojis:
👍- Yes
👎- No

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #Diabetestype3 #lada #mody #GestationalDiabetes #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #symptoms #Health #Diagnosis #Support #SupportGroups #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether

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My undiagnosed illness symptoms

Here are my symptoms at the moment:

Weight gain

- Previously I was always on the thin end of the spectrum now on the overweight boundary

- Have been passively been trying to loose weight for 18 months (usually I barely have to try to loose weight)

- Average exercise 30-60mins/ day

- I look pregnant

- None of my clothes fit anymore

Brain fog

-Can’t concentrate

- Poor memory

- Feels sludgy, no smooth thoughts

- Almost constant headache

Frequent illness/ infections

- Getting ill once a month with a cold/ flu something like that

- Have developed nasal polyps as a result

- Recovery slow avg 2-3 weeks which means I’m ill 50-70% of the time

Absolutely exhausted

- Could sleep for England Sometimes struggle to get to sleep

- Can easily sleep well over 12hrs but up to 24hrs at a time

- Difficult to get up in the morning, everything heavy

Loss of libido

- 3-4x per week down to 1x per month

Nipple discharge

- Started in January 2022

- Can be clear, milky or clear with yellow in it

- Often spontaneous after a shower

Numbness and tingling in hands and fingers

- Palm of right hand feels like ice is being rammed into it. Almost feels like the nerve is exposed and cold but it doesnt hurt and there’s not anything I can find that helps

- Left hand pinky and ring finger often go numb

- Often comes in waves where it will be almost constant for a few days or weeks then subsides for a bit

Temperature sensitivities

- Often too hot or too cold and struggle to get to the right temperature without swinging too far the other way

Loose, clicking joints

- My ankles are always giving way and often hurt for days after a particularly bad roll

- Many joints click when I move and I sound like a 1 man band, in particular my knees

- The arch of my right foot clicks but I don’t think there’s any joint or anything there to click?

Skin changes

- Lots of bruises that I don’t know where they came from

- Spots particularly on chest also more acne on my face than I had during teenage years

- Fragile skin that tears if I take a plaster off

- Purpura and pietache

- Stretch marks on my sides and thighs

Bowel changes

- Swing between constipation and almost loose/ diarrhea

Hair thinning

Slow healing of wounds

Recent additions

- Longer, heavier periods (14 days and bleeding through onto clothes started 6-9 months ago)

- Twitchy muscle thing

- Can feel blood in my legs

- Intermittently feels like I have a UTI for a few hrs then it goes away

- Bone in my lower leg hurts (both sides)

Test results

- Normal pituitary MRI

- Nasal polyps found on MRI

- Normal ovaries (NOT PCOS)

- mild anemia which worsened with heavier periods

- Normal WBC even when ill

- High IgA and IgM with normal IgG and recent EBV infection

- Negative ANA

- intermittently elevated liver enzymes, negative liver antibodies

- Negative HIV

- TSH mid of normal range, T4 on lower end but normal

- CRP normal, ESR borderline

- high Phosphate swings between high and low but usually low and rarely normal

- Intermittently but usually high estrogen, DHEAS, testosterone, cortisol, LH

- Low good cholesterol (slightly), all other cholesterols are normal

- Normal vit D, platelets, urea, electrolytes, albium, calcium, HbA1C, B12

If anyone has any suggestions of things to look into that'd be really helpful.

#Undiagnosed #chronic #ChronicIllness #chronicallyill #searchingforanswers #Gaslighting #Answers #Diagnosis #Testresults #symptoms

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My experience managing my symptoms of BPD. Does NOT apply to those in danger of hurting themselves or others.

A miracle has been done in me and I want to share incase it helps any of you to better manage your symptoms.

My ability to better manage my BPD has taken place in three phases so far. If you are not a person of faith, PLEASE READ PAST IT TO THE NEXT TWO PHASES.

First, I have harnessed my faith by trusting in God's will for my life, not mine, and have prayed for it consistently (well as consistently as this inconsistent person can). The fact that I have gotten better at trusting Him is a miracle within itself.

Second, I have, with the help of someone calling me on my crap, realized the impact of my BPD on others and took responsibility for that impact, despite it being symptoms of my BPD. At the end of the day, it's still my own behavior.

Third, I am working on working through my episodes without bringing others into it. This goes back to my reliance on my faith. There's no way I could do this without God. No way. The realization I had is that if I am able to manage my episodes successfully on my own, once it's over, no harm no fowl. What I mean by that is that doing so decreases or limits the chance of my episode causing relational fallout. So far it has worked though it takes me learning to sit in my discomfort and again, trusting God's will in whatever has triggered my episode.

THE ABOVE DOES NOT APPY TO YOU IF YOU ARE SUICIDAL OR SELF DESTRUCTIVE. In that case, reach out to someone who understands, if you don't have anyone, reach out to me.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #episodes #symptoms #MightyTogether #TheMighty

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My Invisible Illness

I would like to open up about my invisible illness. I first realized there was something wrong about six years ago when i came to New Zealand in couple of months I got really sick had this persistent pain in my body and I kept getting this shooting pain from my neck to lower back. My pain became more widespread, more frequent, and more intense when I was at university.

I went to several doctors and specialists had several exams for past 6 years finally I was diagnosed in 2022. The neurologist gave my invisible illness a name Fibromyalgia. I was finally relived they found what actually my illness is however it is a chronic illness which is lifelong and has no cure and also accompanied by chronic fatigue and 100 other symptoms.

Living with fibromyalgia means living with a chronic pain condition that greatly influences daily life. I feel pain all of the time and this affects my ability to do day-to-day tasks.Every task I choose to do has a trade-off with another. For example, if I choose to cook something, doing the laundry becomes more difficult.

As soon as i was diagnosed,I was forced to slow down all my activities both in personal and professional life it had gotten so worse that full right side of my body from neck to feet was in so much pain i could barely move, close my fist or hold a cup or grab the spoon to cook or eat.

Hence i had to make so many changes in my life to gain back strength and mobility slowly back to my body.I had to start taking different medications and therapies with many trials until my doctor found what worked better for me, many meds I was on, messed with my sleeping pattern made me feel nauseous and dizzy whole day and others messed with my stomach lining. I tried to work out because I felt that staying active changing my diet to vegetarian would help me sadly it worsened my symptoms even more. The most challenging aspect of fibro, for me, would be the fatigue, since it prevents me from doing a lot.

Unfortunately, there are not too many medical experts in New Zealand who have done research to understand what I have, and how it affects my daily life. My husband is my number one supporter and he helps me with my stress which is a trigger to pain, but there are also those who don’t understand or care to, so I just distanced myself from those people. I will continue to remove such people from my life, whether blood related or not, if you are not concerned about my wellbeing then I don’t need to have you in my already small circle.

In the last six years there has never been a day my body was without pain. I dont even know how it feels to be without pain anymore. I can’t be on meds 24*7 so i try to get as much rest as possible. As the meds have other side effects which causes other health issues.Honestly, i have tried all the pain killers in the world none of those have ever made my pain go even 20% less . There are times when I feel like nothing works and then i started to research and study on this illness myself.

With my findings and study for months i found out that lifestyle management is the only solution with people who have chromic illness. Since western medicine doesn’t have any cure i studied Ayurveda and gain knowledge around it and observed myself by doing trial and errors with Ayurvedic diet and practising spiritualism as a result to balance and manage my lifestyle Ayurvedic food diet which works for me in subsiding symptoms related to fatigue and stomach lining. Spirituality also really helped me such as meditation and yoga in order to focus on the positivity around me and to push myself to keep fighting with my body in order to live my life to the fullest.

As far as being open about my illness & symptoms, I hate to complain, because I know it can be annoying to hear someone talk about how much pain they are in daily, so I keep it to a minimum. I hate to hear that it will get better, when I know it’s not going to get better because there is no cure. So, I had kept it to myself. Remember to be kind to people as behind that smile we don’t know who is fighting a battle not everyone likes to open up about their struggles. I have had people commenting on my life about gaining weight or not going out or visiting families and friend. Last six years has been a roller coaster ride for me. I have been faking being okay!

My biggest battle is the pain I deal with daily, but the biggest is putting on a brave face, getting up and starting my day and trying to keep up with my daily responsibilities either personally or professionally. There was many moment in my life where i would want to scream at the top of my lungs. I just have no control over this illness that has taken over me and i would want to take my life. Then i look around and see I have family who i love dearly, and one look at them, tells me that my life is important and worth fighting for.

Honestly taking it one day at a time, is how I balance my illness in my personal and professional life, there is no other way. I had always been a high achiever and proceeded to put a lot of pressure on myself in every aspect of my life hence people always say i am lucky whenever i attained my goals whether it was graduating with academic excellence being the top scholar or getting a corporate job at management level or buying a brand new home or travelling around and buying luxury items at early 20s it is not luck it is hard-work sacrifices and most importantly journey of fighting with my own body, health and mind to live life and achieve of my dreams. I just want to say to each one of you if your healthy you are lucky one as Health is Wealth!!

I would like people to know and understand that this condition is real and it’s depressing- please be supportive. If you find that you can’t be of any help to that person suffering from Fibro, then remove yourself from their lives, and spare them further pain.

My words of encouragement for others who are living with Fibro are to try to find a doctor who is caring and believes in your pain, and work with them in finding medication that can help you control some of the pain, because right now, there is nothing that take it all away. Continue fighting, and don’t give up, we have people who need us and depend on us, so we must find a way to fight to continue living. And lastly we should all come together and help us spread the word, and know that you are not alone.

Lastly, this message was not for sympathy it was for awareness in the community which is must needed.
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #fibromyalgiawarrior #illness #Fibro #healthiswealth #Bekind #ChronicIllness #symptoms #treatment #RheumatoidArthritis #FibroFog #Medicine

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