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    Normal MRI… what now?

    My MRI results came back as normal & ENT have discharged me.

    I’m not quite sure what to do. Does this mean I have to deal with migraines for the rest of my life now? My hearing randomly going? The pain and mental attacks from the increases during colds etc?

    I know, I should be grateful that it’s normal. But I’m just feeling lost and frustrated. There’s no plan now other than just having to deal with it.

    #Sinus #ent #MRI #symptoms #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines #Hearing #MentalHealth #Feelinglost #normal #WhatNow


    The emotional pain of families disinterest.

    I find it deeply sad and soul destroying, that if I mention what I’m struggling with to my loved ones, the answer seems #yesweknow when wanting to share the rapid intensification of #symptoms of either #Bipolar or #BPD or #Depression etc…

    Please remember friends, find your tribe. The people who #Suffer and live with what you do. This is where the #Understanding and #Kindness you’re seeking will be found.
    I don’t believe anyone, no matter how much they love you, can even get a tiny glimpse of your #emotionalpain .
    Don’t blame,, find others who feel and understand and have similar #mentalillnesses .
    I hope this little nugget helps you in your #journey back to you.
    Bipolarlinedeb ♥️🌹🌹

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    Talk About It Tuesday: The Most Annoying Diabetes Symptom

    What is the most annoying symptom that you’ve experienced since your diabetes diagnosis? In the comments, fill in your most annoying symptom in the blank: The diabetes symptom that bothers me the most is ________.

    #Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #lada #mody #prediabetes #GestationalDiabetes #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Lifestyle #Health #symptoms #Stress #CheckInWithMe #Support #SupportGroups #MightyTogether


    Assumptions and mistakes in reviews and assessments

    Every time I have a diagnostic assessment or a review they type up a summary of what was talked about, how my mood seemed, what I was wearing all objective versus subjective opinions. i.e. Mood: subjectively depressed, objective mood a bit anxious and low. What I never understand is why it's always the objective (psychiatrist's) view which is taken as how I am when they have just spent 1 hour with me out of the days/weeks and months I've spent LIVING the mood and that I've been there before many times and know that mood too well.
    Small errors in reviews over years totally create a picture of what could be an entirely different person...I told one doctor that I'd managed to get a job but had been sacked within weeks for being unreliable (a common problem with lots of physical AND mental health issues). The summary said " C said she had recently been offered a job but had turned it down"
    Every subsequent review or assessment is based upon the "experts" previous summary and even the last example about the job shows how these mistakes can alter the perception of someone. Losing a job because your health let you down AGAIN and leaves you feeling hopeless that you'll never be able. Being offered a job (especially as it was in a sector I loved) and turning it down isn't even trying and on paper or makes it seem that there's no point in psychiatric help as I'm not helping myself.
    I'm still struggling for a diagnosis 6 or 7 years after first referral to the mental health team because of all these conflicting and incorrect reports.
    All I really want is for them to stop batting 2 diagnoses back and forth and concentrate on the symptoms because over time left untreated these symptoms are becoming/ have become much more severe.
    I don't know how it works in the US (I know there's lots of people from the US on this site) but here in the UK it's hard to even get to see a shrink and if you do you don't get to choose who or someone who specialises in your particular needs. You certainly don't get to challenge them or call them on mistakes made in what is your official mental health history and what medications are prescribed from and diagnoses formed.
    If I visited a podiatrist (foot specialist) and they diagnosed laryngitis it'd be about the same in physical health
    Does anyone else feel this helpless and misunderstood? In a previous post someone mentioned having to become your own doctor.. it's so true I have had to study almost enough to ACTUALLY be a shrink 🤔 I wish everyone a speedy arrival at a correct diagnosis from someone who listens and then the best treatment for YOU and your symptoms ❤️ #Misdiagnosis #reviews #incorrectasessment #symptoms


    Drop Foot #Fibromyalgia

    Does anyone get dropfoot as a fibro symptom? It's one of my first signs of a flare-up coming on. Only get it in my right foot. #DropFoot #Fibromyalgia #symptoms


    can anyone relate #symptoms #relate #discussion

    so does anyone have symptoms like body pain , tingling in the hands and feet, shortness of breath, feet pain and leg pain more on the right side.. well body pain more on the right side? after being diagnosed with Mals and having lap surgery? #MALS . doctor says there isn't much compression which is good but then what about these new symptoms. please help?


    Anyone Else Suffer This? #Anxiety

    I just moved and when I sit in our living room I get INCREDIBLY itchy.

    Only in the living room.
    We tested for bugs and found none.

    I'm so itchy I'm miserable. I can't sit in our living room.

    Is this a weird symptom of anxiety?
    Does anyone else have a problem like this?
    Am I crazy?

    #Anxiety #itchy #Going crazy #symptoms


    Another symptom

    The weight loss was bad enough. I’m now covered in bruises. No less than 25 on my legs (I counted 31 but some could be the same bruise just continued). I started noticing the bruising on Thursday, and it’s only increased since. My arms also have above the normal amount.

    The worst part about the weekend was not being able to do anything and I stayed up late on Saturday worrying. And now that it’s almost Monday, I’m naturally wondering if worrying is overreacting because I have health anxiety.

    At this point I will probably leave it because every other time I’ve had symptoms of something bad, it’s always been fine/ because of something less serious. I’m fed up of wasting the NHS’ time and money.

    Besides, I don’t think they’ll retest my WBC count any time soon anyway. They have a test tube shortage and since they think the low count before was due to the antibiotics, it’s not going to be a priority to re-test (which I can absolutely understand).

    My friend thinks they will because of my symptoms, but they can all be explained somewhat:

    The weight loss; I’ve gone through a breakup, a move, an illness and I’ve worked a lot. Whilst I never lost weight when I had covid or worked a lot before, new stuff can happen I suppose.

    The bruising: I’ve moved and I’ve also worked 4 days in a row. Even though I don’t recall such, I probably battered my legs a few times moving. And even though I don’t normally bruise because of such, I probably bruised from kneeling at work.

    Here’s to hoping I do start putting on weight and the bruises start disappearing so I can wear my dress without leggings/ tights!

    #WeightLoss #LowWBC #illness #bruise #BloodTests #symptoms #newsymptoms #HealthAnxiety #Anxiety #bruising


    What is Real, and what is not


    I was in my psychiatrist's office. She was typing something on the computer. I #hallucinate d that she called me stupid. I immediately knew it didn't actually happened. However, it seemed real. Things popping in and out of a person's mind living with #Schizophrenia is their constant reality. Even if they take their medication, they still will have #symptoms